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So many champions are getting looked at

LoL: Patch 10.25 Brings a Lot of Champion Changes

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Yone Patch 10.25
Yone is one champion who needs a buff... is he getting one though? (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Last week saw heaps of balance changes to items. Overtuned mage items were toned down, while ADCs got a little bit of love through item buffs. But this is all in the past. Now we look ahead to the future. And what is that future? Patch 10.25.

Yesterday, Mark Yetter, Riot Gameplay Design Director tweeted out the preview for next week’s upcoming patch. What do we see? Item updates, yes. But as promised also a whole lot of champion buffs and nerfs. Of course, we don’t know what those will be exactly until we get a complete list, but we’ve got some wishes.

Item Nerfs

Bami Cinder items are getting a nerf next week in Patch 10.25. This means that Sunfire Aegis, Frostfire Gauntlet and Turbo Chemtank are going to be toned down in the upcoming patch. This is going to make tanks a little weaker, but we will have to see what exactly will be nerfed on these items.

Seeker’s Armguard will also be nerfed. Since this item builds into Zhonya’s this nerf could mean that the hourglass won’t be a necessary item for most builds anymore.

The Collector has been quite a nuisance to play against, but extremely fun when building the item. Probably worth a slight nerf. But we’re still waiting for more details on the changes to the item.

Item Buffs

ADCs can breathe a little easier once more. After adjustments in Patch 10.24, all three of the ADC mythic items, as well as two legendary items, will be getting buffed. Marksmen have just not had the same impact after the new item changes two patches ago, so these buffs are welcomed.

After nerfing Luden’s Tempest last patch, the item will be buffed on Patch 10.25. The item should be getting an increase to its Ability Haste from 10 to 20, but have its magic penetration reduced from 10 to 6.

Everfrost, another mage mythic is also going to have its Ability Haste increased from 10 to 20.

Multiple items are going to have their cost reduced as well. This means players can get the items they want and need a little bit sooner which will make powerspikes come just a tad sooner.

Champion Nerfs

This is where most of the attention has gone for this patch. Most of the champions on the nerf list have just been too oppressive, whether it’s due to their own strengths, or their synergies with the new items which have catapulted them into the S-tier range.

Jhin and Samira will be nerfed in the bot-lane. Most likely these changes won’t be too big. Samira has seen her fair share of nerfs, while Jhin might just have his base AD lowered since he works well with a lot of the items, which is what makes him feel quite strong in lane.

Other champions who will be getting nerfed are Kayle, Kayn, Fizz, Morgana Mid, Annie and Galio. These champions have just been too good with the items and will need some slight adjustments to even out the playing field.

Champion Buffs

Let’s flip the coin and look at the underperformers. Anivia is high on that list, with the community complaining about her lack of playability for quite some time. She will most likely get a complete overhaul with this patch.

Pantheon will also get some better trading in the toplane, especially against melee opponents. This is being done in a continued effort to wean the champion off the support role which he has fallen into throughout season 10.

Yone and Yasuo are going to get some love with Patch 10.25. After Patch 10.23 their passive converts critical strike chance over 100 into bonus AD. This hasn’t seemed to help them be more efficient in-game. Take in the adjustment to Rageblade with Patch 10.24 and this pair of brothers’ have completely fallen off the Rift. Hopefully, some changes to their kit, as well as Crit items will make them playable once more.

Multiple junglers are getting buffed as well. Everyone’s favorite blind monk Lee Sin, as well as Warwick, Gragas, Ivern, Rengar, and Wukong jungle.

This is most of the information we’ve got for now, once we have a full list of changes, we will update on what to expect next week with Patch 10.25.

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