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LoL Patch 10.24 – Champion Nerfs and Buffs

League of Legends
Kayle pentakill

Spoiler Alert: Kayle is on the list as well... (Image Credit: Riot Games)

League of Legends Patch 10.24 came a day early and with it, Riot is trying to tone down the burst damage which has just been a complete and utter nuisance ot play against. And some overperforming champions that have had some… questionable power spikes got some attention too.

We’ve made an in-depth list of the items which got some much needed nerfs and some which got buffs to even out the playing field. So now we’ve decided to take a quick peek at which champions will hopefully be a little more balanced after yesterday’s update.

Let's start: The Nerfs


The Desert Rose… we’ve talked about her quite often already when it comes to the nerf department. Getting a hotfix right off the bat and since then she’s been nerfed in some way, shape or form with each Patch. So what has Riot done this time? Well, thanks to the many lifesteal and crit items available, her all-in potential was a little too strong. So what has been done? Her Passive, melee AD damage ratio has been cut from 10% to 7.5% and her dash range has also been lowered. Will this be the last of the Samira nerfs? Come back for Patch 10.25 to find out!


Amumu was finally shining thanks to the new items, but sadly he has to go back to being a sad mummy-boy due to these nerfs. He was just too oppressive in the jungle. Riot took some of his damage over time to try and even out the playing field to give other junglers a chance. His base damage over time has been lowered from 5 - 15 to 4 - 12 and the damage ratio has been cut from 0.5% to 0.25 per 100 AP (every half second). Add in some of the nerfs to damage over time items as well and Amumu has been put back in line.


Another face we seem to see constantly on the list of nerfs. Hecarim has also benefited from the new items, making him almost unkillable and way too strong. So what are we going to be seeing from him as of Patch 10.24? Well, his gallop has been slowed with less bonus movement speed from his E – Devastating Charge. His bonus AD from movement speed passive is also getting cut, making him a little more bearable to play against… we hope.


Kayle has felt insanely good on Patch 10.23. She could go into any fight and use her insane attack speed and armour shred to eliminate opponents. Riot decided she was a little too strong and therefore have taken her attack speed under the microscope. Her passive bonus attack speed has been cut from 2% per 100 ability power to 1% per 100 ability power.

And here we have some much-needed Buffs


Varus has probably one of the worst ADCs in Solo Queue for a while now. Other than Varus mains nobody seems to be picking up this champion, which is why Riot decided to give him some love this patch. His playstyle will now focus around his charged arrows rather than the cc which is in his kit. The way his Q and W interact with one another has been changed. Piercing Arrow will now show crit text when fully charged as well. Varus’ ultimate was also changed. He will snap in the direction of the enemy and the missile speed was changed. Hopefully, this will make Varus a champion we see in Solo Queue once more.


Tryndamere is in need of a rework. Maybe it’s coming after Mundo? Well until then we’ve got to satisfy ourselves with his outdated kit and these slight buffs we seem to be getting every once in a while. In Patch 10.24 he is getting an easy and straightforward buff. His Q now deals more damage thanks to the bonus AD as well as the bonus AD per 1% missing health. Will this be enough though?

What is your opinion on these changes? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook. For more information regarding League of Legends and the World Championship Winners Damwon Gaming, as well as their potential skins, keep reading on EarlyGame.

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