Fnatic Rising Upset Misfits Premier to Win Finals Spot

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LFL or NLC - who will get the second final spot? © Riot Games

The second EU Masters semifinal saw NLC's Fnatic Rising take on LFL champions Misfits Premier. FNCR came in as underdogs but won the first two games, forcing Misfits to go for a reverse sweep - but in a dramatic game 5, Fnatic Rising asserted their dominance and won the series.

After Karmine Corp defeated Berlin International Gaming in a 3-2 series on Tuesday, the second semifinal would decide if there would once more be a NLC representative in the final - or if it would be a repeat of the clash for the LFL cup. Misfits Premier earned their semifinal spot by besting Spanish champions Vodafone Giants, while Fnatic Rising took down Movistar Riders. While MSFP come into the match as favorites, the UK org already won one best of series as the underdogs and would no doubt want to repeat their performance.

At the start of the first game, the teams sounded themselves out for a while, but eventually Misfits Rising’s pressure in the top lane helped them get the early lead. Fnatic Rising had the two first drakes, but they had to play from behind until a kill on Daniel "Sertuss" Gamani and a play around the Baron ended up with them getting the big purple buff. With it, they took control of the map and after getting two kills in an extended chase 32 minutes in pushed to end the game.

Things did not look any better for the LFL champions in the second game. Right from the opening minutes, they misplayed a tower dive bot and gave Fnatic Rising three early kills. They managed to recover for a while, but it all started going downhill after an attempt to flank at the Herald ended up with a 4-1 for Fnatic Rising. Both Louis "Bean" Schmitz on Varus and Oliver "Dajor" Ryppa on Irelia were insane fed and as the game went on, Misfits Premier found no way to come back. 26 minutes in, a great Kennen-Irelia combo gave the NLC team four kills and a Baron, which they used to close out the game with confidence.

It took the third game for us to finally see the Misfits Premier that earned the LFL cup. A fight near the Herald 10 minutes in went 1-3 against them, but they did not give up. Over several fights, they got back in the game and started dictating the pace of the mid-game. Despite FNCR taking the first three drakes, they could not get close enough to the dragon pit to secure the soul. Misfits Premier finally secured the first Baron 31 minutes in and with it, they aced Fnatic Rising to get their first win of the series.

Fnatic Rising had lost the previous game, but they remained on match point. While they lost the first kill and the first drake, they kept up in gold, due in no small part to some amazing farming by Mahdi "Pride" Nasserzadeh in the top lane. Misfits, meanwhile, had a lead in the bot lane, where the veteran Paweł "Woolite" Pruski was in the zone on Jinx. The game was nearly even until 20 minutes in, where Misfits won a big teamfight near the drake pit, earning themselves three kills, their third dragon and a Baron. With this, the LFL champions were unleashed and over the next few minutes, they took the bottom inhibitor, secured an ocean soul and smashed down the mid lane to get four kills and their second Nexus. It was time for Silver Scrapes.

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In the decider game, Sertuss got the first blood on his Leblanc, but Fnatic’s answer was decisive. They soon replied with two kills top and used a Herald for an extended tower dive bot at the 12-minute mark that got them a 3-1 and tower gold. This set the NLC team firmly in the lead, but they kept pushing forward, getting the best of Misfits Premier in several fights and getting the first Baron. Misfits tried to find a weakness but came up short time and again, eventually getting routed in a teamfight near their base. Fnatic Rising won the game, getting their first EU Masters finals spot and ensuring that the NLC would once more have a representative fighting for the title.

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