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Know your playstyle and choose wisely

Champion Pools for Different Playstyles in Wild Rift

League of Legends
Wild Rift Map Summoner
Wild Rift's rendition of the Summoner's Rift (Credit: Riot Games)

If you are just getting started with League of Legends: Wild Rift, you can always find guides about how to play different roles in team composition. Truth is, solo queue players can never guarantee that they can play their favorite role or even champion. Don’t worry, because you can still bring your experience into other roles. You just need to choose the right champion pool depending on your playstyle.

Before looking at champion pools, you should first make sure you know how to determine your playstyle. Simply put, your playstyle is the way you want to play no matter the situation. Riot Games designed their champions in way that lets players bring their skillset into every role in the game. One simply needs to come to terms with one’s tendencies.


Amumu LoL Wild Rift
Amumu in Wild Rift (Credit: Riot Games)

This is a playstyle that feels most at ease in the mid or support role. Their goal is to make every team fight or skirmish less chaotic. No matter which role or champion you pick, you want ways to perform hard crowd controls (CC) or pressure the enemy into dispersing.

Strategic gameplay is important with this role, meaning it is not usually seen as a game of luck like slot games found in sites like bitcasinoio. Obviously, you need champions with either poke or hard CC. If you find yourself in the jungle, Amumu is your best bet. He’s always at the top of the tier list because of his ultimate, which is a massive area of effect (AoE) stun. The other best option would be Gragas who’s more versatile as he’s also found in the mid, support, and Baron lane.


Wukong LoL Wild Rift
Wukong in Wild Rift (Credit: Riot Games)

Initiating team fights is your focus, so you will need someone who can disable enemies while allies take them down one by one. For this role, you need any champion with AoE hard CC just as you would as a controller. Suitable champions also include Amumu for team fights, while Gragas is more effective in small skirmishes. Alistar is a better option as he’s also great as a mid and Baron laner but he’s most devastating as support.

If you want someone who can dive in, set the field, then slip out to safety, then opt for the following champions: Wukong is great in the Baron lane and manageable in the jungle. Kennen is devastating in both the Baron and mid roles. Rakan is only effective as support during skirmishes but he can be a decent slow push laner in mid and Baron like Alistar but with better roaming capabilities.


Vayne LoL Wild Rift
Vayne in Wild Rift (Credit: Riot Games)

You are always looking for 1v1 or 1v2 fights where precision and grace on the battlefield make all the difference between winning and losing. Of course, this type of player is always found in the Baron and mid lanes, but what happens when you’re locked elsewhere?

A duelist’s only option would be to play assassin Champions in the dragon lane or jungle. Options include Champions with high mobility and consistent damage such as Xayah and Kai'Sa. Vayne is especially versatile as she is effective in the Baron, dragon, and jungle.

Jinx is also popular due to her high utilities and passive skill which can make her independent while the support roams to mid at level 3. Duelists may also find their home in the support role using Rakan. He’s a swift-footed enchanter with a high potential for outplays, especially in the late game.

Split Pusher

Miss Fortune LoL Wild Rift
Miss Fortune in Wild Rift (Credit: Riot Games)

You don't worry about enemy Champions, but rather focus on the minion wave and objectives. This playstyle benefits highly from champions with good movement speed, a nice wave clear potential, and high survivability. Just like the duelist, split pushers must be independent.

The first and most basic pick would be Miss Fortune for the mid or Baron lane. She’s more effective as the ADC, but her kit works wonders across the map except for support and jungle. She has a great range, AoE sustain damage, and movement speed boost that can resist CC. She is vulnerable to assassins without support so try not to overextend.

If you find yourself playing support or the Baron lane too often, then it’s worth picking Malphite. He has fair AoE damage, high defense, and a devastating set of skills for mid-game team fights.

He doesn’t have any mobility options, but he has many CC capabilities which can be enhanced using Rylai’s Crystal Scepter and Frostfire Gauntlet.

If you main the dragon lane role, Kai'Sa is extremely versatile for minion wave control while also capable of roaming safely between lanes. Kai'Sa's early build doesn’t need a boost in attack speed, so most players chose Manamune as a core item.

Bottom Line

Solo queue players have to pray for luck as if they’re betting on sites like bitcasinoio rank games from Iron to Platinum are always random. You could request to play a specific role, but good luck finding a team that would let you.

That being said, you don’t have to change your playstyle to perform in any role. You can take the skills you’ve developed so far to affect the game no matter which side of the map you’re on. All you need to focus on is mastery of the mechanics and embracing your own playstyle.


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