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The Ruined King: What Do We Know About the Champ?

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The man, the legend, The Ruined King! (Image Credit: Riot Games)

153! That is how many champions are currently in League of Legends. Viego, The Ruined King will join the growing roster of LoL champions very soon. Today we tell you about his role, abilities (rumored), and the release date of this new champion.

Find Viego hiding in the grass and stalking jungle camps in the middle of the LoL map as this new League of Legends champ will be a Jungler. A brawler, a ganker, a champion that jumps out of the grass to ganks the AD carry or mid-laner when they least expect it. The Ruined King has been confirmed to be a jungle-skirmisher. He is very likely to be a melee champion given his massive sword seen in the teaser trailer for the standalone RPG game that has the same name as the new LoL Champion. Yes, we know it's confusing but welcome to the LoL IP. Here’s the trailer of that stand-alone RPG game currently under development by Riot Games. The Ruined King can be seen at the end of the trailer at the 1:40 timestamp.

Riot Games via YouTube

LoL Ruined King Champion Release Date

So, when will you get to play this new jungler, Viego The Ruined King? Answer: as early as Patch 11.2 which has a planned release date of January 21. However, the exact date has not been confirmed for the new champion, but Riot typically follows a new patch with a new Champion. And then, you “may just find yourself falling for Viego... twisting hearts and possessing minds.”

As for the Ruined King’s abilities, nothing concrete is known, outside of its theme what has something to do with possession or some kind of mind control. When we know more, we will happily keep you in that gameplay loop.

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