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Is Ranked down? Are there server issues? This is how you check! | © Riot Games

Okay, we all know that League of Legends isn’t perfect. Sometimes we want to go online and then the LoL client will load, only to crash. Other times ranked is down, and sometimes we can’t even get the damn game to start up.

Those moments are infuriating and make us want to rip out our hair. Especially when we know we’ve only got a single chance of playing Clash. So when you’re experiencing these server issues in League of Legends, what can you do? Where do you turn to? That’s what we’re here for to let you know.

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Where to Check if the LoL Server is Down?

There are multiple places to check whether the League of Legends client is down. One of the best places to go and see is with Riot themselves. Well, how do you do that? It’s very simple, you can just check the status site of Riot Games.

On the main page, you can either check for any service issues for every single Riot game, or you can click on the specific game you want to see. There, you’ll be faced with any and all server issues – just make sure you’re checking for the correct server. Seeing that Servers in NA are down won’t help you over here in EUW.

You can also take a peek at the official Riot Games support Twitter, but as of writing this article the Twitter hasn’t been updated since July and we’re pretty sure that there have been server issues since then. So we’re not sure how up-to-date their Twitter is. It's probably used for bigger issues than just any issue when ranked is down or a client is having issues.

Third-party websites can also be used to check on server and ranked status for League of Legends. If you want to know what the most prominent problems with League of Legends are, then check out downdetector.com and you’ll see that over 50% of problems are server connecting issues.

How Long Does League of Legends Server Maintenance Take?

It really depends on the issues that Riot is facing. Some issues can be dealt with in an hour or so, sometimes even quicker, while some issues will take longer to fix. Riot will do their best to fix issues though, since without anyone playing they won’t be making any cash money.

So if you run into any issues with your ranked games, like ranked being down or just your client bugging out, make sure to check to see how long server maintenance might take.

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