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LoL: Seraphine's Writer Answers Her Haters!

League of Legends
Seraphine Twitter Post
Seraphine's Twitter Story (Image Credit: Riot Games)

The outcry was real when Seraphine was announced as the new League of Legends champion. Her lore has too many gaps – and her K/DA skin got more love than the character itself. We reported on it and Riot Games listened to its fans.

In fact, Seraphine's lore has now been slightly changed to explain some things better, but not so much was rewritten. A few changes here and there and in general, Seraphine is now not so different from what we know. "Better than nothing", many people think and are satisfied that something has been done at all.

The fact that Riot Games had to look at Seraphine's story again confirms the attitude of fans and haters of the new LoL champ. The opinions about her were different from the beginning and now someone special has spoken out: Bethany Higa, the person behind Seraphine's social media persona!

Bethany wants to explain in her own words what her idea behind Seraphine was. It is interesting to learn how the character Seraphine came into being in the first place so let's take a closer look at Bethany's Twitter posts:

Bethany Hige was probably already mentioned by name on the net and false information about both her and her character as Seraphine made the rounds, the writer herself decided to make a statement.

In her somewhat longer Twitter post she describes that...

"it was never her intention to glorify mental illness or mental problems through Seraphine. On the contrary, she simply wanted to portray a young girl who embodied the morals of honesty and kindness. She wanted people to see how someone, through the constant pursuit of his goals, would achieve them without losing his morals. Meanwhile, Sera was supposed to find self-acceptance and self-confidence and pass it on to her fans through her messages and songs."
Seraphine Twitter Post
Image Credit: Riot Games

Seraphine was generally a very novel project. An introduction of the character and storytelling via social media. This made Sera seem more real and tangible. Her story seemed real and comprehensible. But at the same time, the fans knew that this was promoting a character that could be bought for LoL, including her in-game cosmetics.

So, what bothers the fans so much about this approach is the fact that this really good storytelling but used to take money out of the pockets of LoL players.

Nevertheless, we want to agree with Bethany on the point that the gamers out there please should not use hate speech with developers and teammates who make these projects possible. These are just people like us who do their jobs and try to offer us something new. Criticism is of course important and should be encouraged, but the internet should not drive gamers to spread hate and negativity.

What do you think? And what do you think about storytelling via social media? Share your opinion on (yes, we understand the irony here) Facebook and Twitter!

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Original article by EarlyGame's Tamara Dodlek.