It hasn't even been three days and already changes need to be made

LoL: Pre-Season Patch Already Getting Hotfixed

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What Champions and Items are getting nerfed? (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Patch 10.23 has been live for three days and it’s time for some hotfixes! Mark Yetter, League of Legends gameplay design director, sent out a list of changes and bug fixes that will be hitting the rift later today.

So let’s not beat around the bush and jump right into the changes which will come with the hotfix to patch 10.23.

One bug which will be changed is that Zoe can generate a huge number of teleport shards to pick up. This is going to be fixed along with Vlad whose E cooldown is going to appropriately start after being cast.

Kassadin will be getting a slight buff by increasing his health per level and his base mana cost will be reduced. On the other hand, Viktor will be nerfed with less AP to his E.

But it wasn’t just champions that were a bit bugged out. No, of course, the new items were also completely bonkers, judging from all the noise on Twitter and Reddit. So, Riot is going to take the information they’ve gathered and quickly applying some plasters, but is it enough?

Eclipse is going to be dealing 6% damage of max HP instead of the previous 8% and the movement speed has been cut from 30% to 15%. Hopefully, this will slow down some of the assassins which have taken over League of Legends.

It doesn’t end there though. Liandries Torment is also getting a nerf with the magic penetration going from 5 - 25% per second to 5 - 15% per second. Lich Bane will also have its AP ratio changed from 60% to 50% to hopefully get some stability onto the rift.

Item Mythic Items LOL

The new items have caused quite the commotion (Image Credit: Riot Games)

But we’re not done yet. Rageblade will also be nerfed – what else did we expect to be honest. It’ll now cost 2800 instead of 2600 and the on-hit damage per 20% crit rate has been lowered to 40 whereas it was 45 previously.

Jungle starting items were buffed by giving the burn damage a 20% AP ratio rather than 10% and Moonstone Renewer will now properly trigger when healing an ally.

So far, pre-season has been a mess with the new shop UI, as well as many complaints about the new icons. Some Reddit users have even spoken out about how the new icons are especially hard to distinguish for those who are colorblind.

Hopefully, the developers take these issues to heart to try and make adjustments accordingly within the next two months. The game already has a colorblind mode integrated, so adjusting the shop and item icons to this should also be possible. The new UI should be making the game easier, not more difficult.

What do you think could be done to make this meta balanced? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook. For more information regarding League of Legends and the World Championship Winners Damwon Gaming, as well as their potential skins, keep reading on EarlyGame.

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