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Who are some players to keep your eye on and who might surprise you?

LoL: 5 Players to Watch at MSI 2021

League of Legends
MSI 2021 Trophy
Which player will lift the trophy at the end of MSI 2021 (Credit: lolesports via Flickr)

MSI 2021 is just a few days away. After the unfortunate cancellation last year, Riot is going all-in at this year's tournament, looking for the breakout players to wow audiences worldwide with spectacular gameplay. Who will win MSI 2021? Who will get an extra spot at the LoL Worlds 2021? We'll take a closer look!

With 11 teams competing, there are many skilled players to choose from, but we’ve decided to whittle down five players we believe you should keep your eyes on because they’ll bring something special to the table.

When does MSI 2021 start?

The tournament will kick off on Thursday, May 6th at 3pm CEST. The first game of the day will be 2020 World Champions DAMWON KIA taking on NA’s representative Cloud9. Already, this game has multiple key players who will play important roles throughout the group stage.

Of course, DAMWON is filled with skilled and well-known faces and Cloud9 fields the most competitive roster they’ve ever had, but are any of these players on our top 5 players to watch list?

MAD Lions Armut with LEC Trophy
MAD Lions Armut is going to be a key player at MSI 2021 if MAD Lions want to win (Credit: lolesports via Flickr)

Who are the Players to Watch at MSI 2021?

There are five players you want to watch at MSI 2021: Armut, GALA, Blaber, brTT and Maple. Why these specific players, you might ask? We'll give you a reasoning. 

Players to Watch at MSI 2021 - No. 5 Armut (MAD Lions) 

At the 2020 League of Legends World Championship in Shanghai, Armut really impressed fans with his skilled play. In his rookie LEC split, he took the momentum he gained from Worlds and became an even better top laner – especially during the LEC playoffs where he popped off. His play is going to be the key to success for this young MAD Lions roster at MSI 2021.

Players to Watch at MSI 2021 - No. 4 GALA (RNG) 

Following in the great footsteps of bot-lane legend Uzi isn’t easy, but GALA has truly shown what he is capable of this spring split, and we believe that if he continues to dominate as he has done, then he will be remembered as another great ADC of China. With his support’s guidance, GALA will be a breakout star at this year's Mid-Season Invitational.

Blaber and Perkz at the LCS Finals
Blaber and Perkz were a threatning duo throughout the whole LCS Spring Split (Credit: lolesports via Flickr)

Players to Watch at MSI 2021 - No. 3 Blaber (C9) 

A key part of Cloud9’s success was Blaber this spring split. His stats show it too, the young jungler tying for first place amongst all leagues for having the highest gold difference at 15 minutes. Can he take his aggressive playstyle and elevate it on the international stage though? The fate of NA rests on his shoulders… and well, the rest of C9 as well. 

Players to Watch at MSI 2021 - No. 2 brTT (paiN Gaming)

Brazil has high hopes for this year's paiN Gaming squad. Led by veteran ADC brTT – the face of Brazilian League of Legends – they hope to make it out of the group stage. brTT is an important part of making this dream come true. His first international appearance since the 2019 World Championship this passionate League of Legends star is sure to impress us.

Players to Watch at MSI 2021 - No. 1 Maple (PSG Talon) 

Another veteran we cannot forget about. Maple will have to step up for his team, seeing that they’re once again playing an international tournament without their full roster – queue flashback to the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. Maple will have to lead with his veteran experience to dominate his group. Keep your eyes on him throughout all the Group B action.

Who will be crowned MVP at MSI 2021?

There are multiple players who could be crowned MVP. Players like DAMWON’s Canyon who can take over games single-handedly stick out, as well as Cloud9’s Perkz who has an abundance of international experience. It is hard to say, especially since the tournament hasn’t even started yet.

What we do know is that we are excited to have some LAN action once more. It’s been too long since the last League of Legends World Championship and seeing players on stage will only make this year's MSI 2021 all the more special.

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