Mid-Patch Tier List: Mid Lane

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The mid lane was shaken up by the release of Vex. Will assassins continue to dominate the meta in LoL Patch 11.20?
Mid-Patch Tier List Mid Lane 11.20
Akshan has climbed the ranks to the S-Tier since his debut.

We are halfway through LoL Patch 11.20 and quite a few things have changed since we made our Top 5 Mid Lane Champions list at the beginning. Which mid laners should you play before we go into LoL Patch 11.21?

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Who Are Our S-Tier Mid Laners in LoL Patch 11.20?

These champions are the crème de la crème of solo queue League of Legends at the moment. These picks will ensure you victory in your game and your opponents won't know how to counter them. Our S-Tier picks of LoL Patch 11.20 are:

ChampionsWin RatePick Rate



Vex was only released last patch, but her win rate has reached new heights at 51%. She's seriously become one of the best champions in the current League of Legends meta – especially since she can easily counter dashes which many mid lane champions have.

Who Are Our A-Tier Mid Laners in LoL Patch 11.20?

The A-Tier is filled with champions you should pick when the S-Tier are either taken or banned. These are still solid picks in the meta witch which you can win any game with ease. These are our A-Tier Mid Laners in LoL Patch 11.20:

ChampionsWin RatePick Rate

Yone is slightly worse than his brother Yasuo in this patch, but honestly, he's still an insanely strong pick for those of you who enjoy fighting and solo carry games – and look cool doing so. If you'd rather play an AP champion, then LeBlanc is who you should keep your eye on.

  • Do you want to counter any of these picks? Try playing Sett or even Sylas in the mid lane!

Who Are Our F-Tier Mid Laners in LoL Patch 11.19?

The F-Tier is the lowest tier in the current meta. Avoid these champions at all costs. They won't get you far. So, we ask you this: Did you even want a Victorious skin at the end of Season 11? Well, if you don't care, then play these champions:

ChampionsWin RatePick Rate
Twisted Fate49%4%
Aurelion Sol55%0.6%





Don't let the high win rate of Aurelion Sol fool you. There are a few one-trick players who boost his win rate to phenomenal levels. He really isn't that good. Trust us.

You're probably also confused about fan-favorite picks like Ryze and Syndra on here, but they just don't match up in the current assassin-heavy meta.

So, go out and play some solo queue. Try to get your hands on one of our S- or A-Tier champions. If you see any of our F-Tier picks on the enemy team, then it's a sure win for you!

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