Mid-Patch Tier List: ADC

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We check back in with the best ADCs in LoL Patch 12.01. Do you agree with our tier list of the best ADCs in the meta?
Mid Patch Tier List 12.01
Vayne continues to dominate. | © Riot Games

We're halfway through LoL Patch 12.01 and quite a few changes have come since we made our Top 5 ADC tier list at the beginning of the patch. With some updates, a few expected champions have fallen off.

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Who are our S-Tier ADCs in LoL Patch 12.01?

The S-Tier represents the best ADCs in League of Legends. These picks will get you wins even if you don't main them. They've got insanely high win and play rates, and they're dangerous in any team comp or situation.

ChampionWin RatePlay Rate

Vayne continues to dominate the meta. She shreds tanks, and she is able to take the late game into her own hands to own the Rift. You can't go wrong with Vayne right now.

Who are our A-Tier ADCs in LoL Patch 12.01?

Another three champions are part of our ADC Champion Tier List. These are picks you can also win with, but won't be as oppressive as the S-Tier ADC picks, so make sure you get your hands on these ADCs in LoL Patch 12.01:

ChampionsWin RatePick Rate

Kai'Sa has received a few buffs throughout the end of season 11 and those buffs have made her a great pick in the bot lane. Her win rate might not reflect that, but she is a solid pick in the current bot lane meta!

Who are our F-Tier ADCs in LoL Patch 12.01?

The F-Tier represents the champions you shouldn't put your hands on in this patch. Just don't even think about picking these champions, unless you want to lose LP. Who needs a Victorious skin anyway? So overrated.

ChampionsWin RatePick Rate





There is a reason why Tristana is on the buff list for LoL Patch 12.02. She is one of the weakest bot laners right now and will need some help. Will the buff to her base HP and HP regen be enough to bring her out of the dumpster that is the F-Tier?

Make sure you try to get your hands on one of our A and S tier picks in your games in LoL Patch 12.01. These are the first official games of ranked, so they matter, and you don't want to kick off your season with a negative win rate, right?