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Space Disco Skins in LoL Patch 11.7? Here we come!

LoL Patch 11.7: Get Groovin'

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Space Groove Rumble
Rumble is ready to dance in Patch 11.7 (Credit: Riot Games)

LoL Patch 11.7 is out today and with it, some groovy new skins, as well as a Yorick mini-rework. Of course, we’ve got some item changes and lots of other news to cover. So let’s go over some of the highlights of LoL Patch 11.7.

Champion Changes in LoL Patch 11.7

As we just mentioned, Yorick just hasn’t been cutting it, especially in higher elos. That's why Riot has decided to give him a major buff in the LoL Patch 11.7. His E is what was taken under the microscope and in LoL Patch 11.7, marked champions and monsters will Awaken near graves. But wait! That’s not all! Mist Walkers now deal 200% damage when leaping to marked enemies or monsters!

Of course, Yorick isn’t the only champion who has been struggling and is getting some love from Riot. Teemo, everyone’s favorite Yordle – please note the sarcasm – will also be getting hit with a damage buff to his E and some extra attack speed from his passive.

Now, Alistar has been one of the top three tank supports alongside Rell and Thresh. He’s also been too strong in terms of damage and that’s why he is going to be nerfed in LoL Patch 11.7. His Q and E damage is being lowered in the coming League patch… and he was just starting to be such a viable pick again!

Item Changes in League Patch 11.7

Everfrost has just been an insane item since it’s buff. Riot has decided it needs to be dialed down a little. The damage was too high and the lockdown power too good. So, a nerf it is. The Glaciate damage is decreased while the cooldown is increased.

Trinity Force wasn’t useful on too many champions, due to the heavy focus on attack speed, which is why some of its stats were exchanged to make the item more viable for more picks. So, goodbye attack speed and hello attack damage, attack speed, and ability haste!

Space Groove Nunu in LoL Patch 11.7
Nunu & Willump are here to P.A.R.T.Y (Credit: Riot Games)

Skin Changes in LoL Patch 11.7

And the moment we’ve all been waiting for! For this League patch 11.7, we are getting some bodacious – yes, I googled an 80’s slang for this – and groovy skins have hit the rift. Finally, everyone will be able to spend their hard-earned cash on some hella gnarly – more words I googledspace disco skins.

Seriously, who wouldn't want to main Nautilus or Blitzcrank with these unique and fun skins?

When is the LoL Patch 11.7 Release Date?

As we mentioned before, the LoL Patch 11.7 came out today, so the release date for the League Patch 11.7 is the 31st of March, 2021! What are you waiting for then? Go get yourself some new skins, try out your old mains and get some Pentakills with Trinity Force!

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