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Which Champions are deserving of their buffs?

LoL: What to Expect From Patch 11.4 (UPDATED)

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Camille Patch 11.4
Camille is getting a nerf after her dominance in the top lane. (Credit: Riot Games)

It’s time for another set of Patch notes. Patch 11.3 had quite a lot of changes, especially to items and Patch 11.4 seems to contain fewer changes, but it’ll shift the meta nonetheless. There will be Item nerfs and buffs as well as champion changes ahead!

Item Buffs Patch 11.4 (UPDATED)

As mentioned before, Morellonomicon is getting a buff. It’s a simple AP buff that is going to make the supports running this item a little bit stronger, since other items, like Moonstone Renewer as well as Staff of Flowing Water, have been nerfed over the last patch and this one.

ADC’s will gain some added strength thanks to buffs to Guinsoo’s Rageblade as well as Mortal Reminder. Guinsoo’s Rageblade will gain an additional 5% of Attack speed upping it from 40% to 45% while Mortal Reminder will be getting more AD added to it.

Champion Buffs Patch 11.4 (UPDATED)

So we thought they would give Jinx a buff to one of her abilities, but what Riot chose to do instead was merely give her some extra HP to make her laning phase and early game somewhat more bearable.

After some nerfs to his core items, Talon will now have his W cooldown reduced depending on the level of the ability. Also, the outgoing AD ratio has been changed from .4 to .55 which is going to make him a lot stronger.

VarusW was taken under the microscope this time around and will deal 0 - 80% increased damage depending on the Q charge. Slowly but surely, Varus is making his way out of the dumpster in the ADC department.

Of course, there are many more champions, like Soraka who is getting a buff to her Q movement speed and W base heal as well as Lee Sin whose Q will get a cooldown reduction in Patch 11.4

Kai'Sa has been outperforming all other bot lane champions (Credit: Riot Games)

Champion Nerfs Patch 11.4 (UPDATED)

One nerf everyone saw coming from a mile away was the nerf to Camille. She’s been one of the best and strongest top laners for a while now and is therefore getting a longer cooldown on her W. This will make her more vulnerable, especially in the early game.

Kai’Sa who has been one of the best ADC’s in the game will also be getting a nerf this coming patch. Her Q is her main damage source and will be getting a damage reduction on all fronts.

And Samira is also getting a nerf. The changes to her kit will make her squishier in the early game and punish her for going in too soon. Her E doesn’t dash towards allies anymore and the general speed of the dash has been lowered. Q damage ratio was also lowered and her melee damage as well.

Upcoming Changes to the Jungle

The Jungle will also get some changes this patch. Jungle animals, such as Krugs, Raptors and Gromp will now be giving junglers less experience in the upcoming patch. Mark “Scruffy” Yetter, gameplay design director, even stated in a tweet that they held off on some nerfs.

Players will also be getting less Gold off of these small jungle creatures which could impact games quite heavily since junglers won’t be able to get their items as quickly after these changes.

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