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What was missing in Patch 11.3?

LoL: What to Expect from Patch 11.4

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Riven Patch 11.4
Riven's E reverted back to S9 Riven. I guess we won't ever catch up to her again. (Credit: Riot Games)

Patch 11.3 just came out yesterday and with it, players get to enjoy some fun rounds of ARURF as well as find some epic new skins for some of their favorite champions. But what did Riot miss? What is it that they could introduce and add into Patch 11.4?

Camille has been a champion who has dominated the top lane. Her survivability and escape tools make her a threat throughout the laning phase and yet… not a single nerf in sight. Sure, the nerf to Ravenous Hydra and Sterak’s could also be an indirect nerf to her kit, but we will have to see to find out.

Seraphine also got a nerf this patch, but was it enough? Sure, she won’t gain as much AP from the Moonstaff combo, but she will still be a very oppressive pick in Patch 11.3 so she will probably have to get looked at a second time in Patch 11.4.

Due to the current state in the bot lane, Kai’Sa might see a nerf coming her way in Patch 11.4. She is one of the top dogs and other ADCs can barely keep up with her mobility and ability to shred through opponents. Hopefully, we see something done by the next patch.

While tanks had been quite strong earlier on when the mythic items were just introduced, they now feel rather lackluster so we’re hoping for some love for our top lane beef-boys and gals in Patch 11.4 to help them get some of their strength back.

So, there you have it, a few ideas for the upcoming Patch 11.4 and what we at the EarlyGame team would like to see changed in the current meta. Do you agree or disagree?

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