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What we think will change with the Meta in Patch 11.4

LoL: Patch 11.4 Meta Change Prediction

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Kassadin Patch 11.4
Kassadin isn't a champion we've seen a lot of these last patches... but that might all change (Credit: Riot Games)

Patch 11.4 is coming out next week and there are already quite a few changes that fans are aware of. One of the biggest changes will be the update to the jungle monsters which will make jungle clears harder and less prosperous.

What other meta changes and champions will we be seeing in this update though? Well to start off, some changes might be coming to Viego, either in Patch 11.4 or in Patch 11.5, since he seems especially strong in mid and top lane as well as the jungle.

Patch 11.4 Viego
Viego is not only a formidable jungler but also a great laner. (Credit: Riot Games)

Sure, his power spike is no Aphelios or Samira upon release, but he has shaped the meta and has gained a ban rate of over 36% and his best win rate is in the mid lane with over 50%. In the future, we might be seeing a nerf to this champion, since Riot wants to keep him in the jungle and out of the lanes.

Thanks to the Everfrost and Cosmic Drive Buffs in Patch 11.4 we believe that one of the best mid laners in the coming meta will be Kassadin. His scaling is going to be out of this world, and he will be taking over games thanks to the buffs to the items.

On-hit Senna will also be going up the ranks. Senna has quite a low attack speed, but with the added attack speed to Guinsoo’s Rageblade playing her will be smooth sailing. Add in the buff to Mortal Reminder with the added AD and Senna will be a force to be reckoned with in the coming patch.

Viktor Patch 11.4
Viktor will be a new power pick in Patch 11.4 (Credit: Riot Games)

Viktor will also be a menace in the coming patch thanks to the buff to Cosmic Drive, Viktor will be able to take out enemies with ease. Build this item after his mythic and he will go on a rampage in the mid lane. Ever since the Season 11 changes Viktor has felt a bit weak and hasn’t been able to one-shot opponents so the Ability Haste which Cosmic Drive gives will let him get his abilities up faster again so he can take out the opponents.

So overall, there are quite a few changes coming in the next updates. Will Viego be part of them or will we wait another two weeks before we see a nerf coming the Ruined King’s way?

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