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The LoL Patch 11.4 brings lots of joy (except to junglers)

LoL Patch 11.4: Jungle Nerfs, Samira Changes

League of Legends

LoL Patch 11.4 arrives one day later than usual, but it makes up for that by bringing some much-needed changes. We see huge nerfs to the jungle, and changes to Samira to make her more vulnerable in the early game, but all the deadlier in the mid to late game.

In Patch 11.4 a total of 13 Champions got buffed. Most of those buffs were miniscule, but some of them will definitely impact the server. 4 champions got straight up nerfed in addition Samira being changed. Some mage and grievous wounds items got buffed, whereas Moonstone Renewer finally gets the nerfs it deserves. Most importantly, the jungle was finally nerfed. Let’s get this going:

LoL Patch 11.4: Champion Buffs

LoL Patch 11.4 Amumu buff
TWO more HP, that's insane! (Credit: Riot Games)
  • Amumu: Amumu’s E now deals more damage. Oh, and he also gets 2 more HP. I s**t you not, 2.
  • Braum: His R now has 20 seconds less cooldown at all levels. That is a pretty significant buff.
  • Caitlyn: More damage growth and more attack speed growth. Changes to growth stat are hard to judge, but could potentially have great impact.
  • Fiora: Everyone’s favorite duelist sees buffs to her passive marks. She’s gonna hit like a truck in the late game.
  • Jinx: 60 more HP at all levels. I mean, it’s nice, nothing more, nothing less.
  • Katarina: Because Kata was heavily impacted by the Kraken-Slayer–changes her R on-hit ratio now scales. Rejoice ADCs...
  • Urgot: For the same reasoning as Kata his W now deals 75% on-hit damage.
  • Lee Sin: One less second cooldown on his Q. Meh.
  • Soraka: The heal-bot heals more using W and gets more movement speed when hitting Q.
  • Talon: His W now has better scaling and less cooldown. Talon has been struggling with wave clear in the late game and this will definitely help.
  • Tryndamere: Such AD increase, much wow (he gets 3 more AD).
  • Varus: Way more empowered Q damage and more missing health damage, this could be huge.
  • Veigar. Stop laughing at Veigar, as his Q now costs less and his R now has less cooldown at levels 11 and 16. He truly is evil...

LoL Patch 11.4: Champion Nerfs

LoL Patch 11.4 Kaisa nerf
Kaisa's Q now deals less damage. (Credit: Riot Games)
  • Camille: 2 more seconds cd on her W. Less wave clear for Camille? We approve!
  • Kaisa: Less damage on all instances of her Q. Good, she’s been strong for long enough now.
  • Renekton: The angry Crokodile now heals less of non-champions in the later stages of the game.
  • Skarner: Less health growth and less base HP.

LoL Patch 11.4: Samira Changes

Samira deserves her own section in this patch, because the changes to her are neither a strict nerf, nor a strict buff. What has received a strict nerf is her W. It now lasts 0.25 second less. That’s a decrease by 25%! Her R also got nerfed. Instead of the ridiculous 3 seconds cooldown, it now has a ridiculous 8 seconds cooldown... Man, I hate that champion Both her passive and her Q are now worse in the early game, but stronger in the mid to late game. Her E no longer allows her to dash through enemies, but as compensation she now can dash through enemy towers... Uhm, thank you, I guess? Also, the dash-speed is decreased from 2050 to 1600.

LoL Patch 11.4: Items Buffs

Rage Blade now grants 5% more attack speed. The grievous wounds items Morellonomicon, Mortal Reminder and Chempunk Chainsword all got buffed. Additionally, some mage items were made a little more attractive. Cosmic Drive doesn’t grant MS when dealing ability damage anymore, but instead give the wielder ability haste and permanent movement speed when reaching the threshold of 160 AP. Everfrost is now built using Kindlegem and gives more HP. It definitely has a smoother build path now.

LoL Patch 11.4: Item Nerfs

Moonstone Renewer heals less... that’s it. No other items were nerfed, what can we do? Just... move on...

LoL Patch 11.4: Jungle Nerfs

Ah, here we are. The big change we have all been waiting for. Well except if you are a jungle main. Gromp, the large Krug, and the Crimson Raptor now give less XP AND less gold. The small Krug also gives less gold now. Yikes, I’d hate to be a jungle main right now. For everyone else this is great though.


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