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You thought tanks were safe after the last patch?

LoL Patch 11.3 Preview: Item Changes Galore (UPDATED)

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Patch 11.4 Buffs and Nerfs Singed
League's most likeable laugh is getting buffed. (Credit: Riot Games)

About a week after Viego’s release, he has gone down a harrowed path to a not-so-solid 45.3%-win-rate — now that’s a heartbreaker. Still, it doesn’t seem like he’s getting a buff this patch. So, what DID Riot change? Well, mostly items but some champion changes are also in store for you, so don’t fret. This is a huge patch, so buckle up, folks!

As usual, Mark Yetter (@MarkYetter on Twitter), Riot's Gameplay Design Director tweeted his weekly preview for the next patch hitting the Rift this week. Honestly, the list is quite long, so without further ado, let’s jump right on.

LoL Patch 11.3: Item Nerfs

Staff of Flowing Water goes from 60 to 50 AP, so I guess that’s cool? Remember the Seeker’s Armguard nerf? Seems like it wasn’t enough. It now costs 100g more. I mean that’s a minion wave, or if you cs like me, it's 3 ½ waves...

Healing is taking quite a hit this patch. We see straight up nerfs to the healing on Goredrinker and Ravenous Hydra with more items to follow suit in the “adjustments” category. Sounds good! "No die, no fun," as Assassin-mains say.

After nerfs to the tankier champions, they now even get their items nerfed. Deadman’s and Sterak’s were just a tad too strong and efficient.

Remarkably, Ironspike Whip’s passive of minions taking more damage when below 50% hp is getting removed. That’s actually huge! Wave- and jungle-clear are so important and this item sped them up by a lot.

LoL Patch 11.3: Item Buffs

Let’s start with the small changes: Lord Dominik’s goes from 25% to 35% armor pen. This will hopefully make it a viable option for ADCs again. Immortal Shieldbow and Horizon Focus also just got better numbers across the board.

Frozen Heart is cheaper but gives 10 armor less. Great! You didn’t buy FH for its armor, but its unique abilities anyway. Banshee Veil now grants more AP and costs 100g more BUT Verdant Barrier now works differently: Verdant Barrier now grants 1 MR per unit killed. Pair that with the fact that it now only costs 1000g and you get a really efficient item to buy.

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Let’s get to the exciting new stuff. Phantom Dancer now finally offers AD and is built using a longsword. Sweet af! AD is just so much smoother to build in the EarlyGame.

Chemtech Putrifier – or as my friend calls it “Chemtrail Purifier” – is getting buffed to finally offer an alternative to freaking Moonstone Renewer. Take that Soraka-Mains! Now, after healing or shielding an ally THEIR next damage will inflict Grievous wounds like Obi-Wan. But not those measly 40% grievous wounds... nah-ah! We're rolling heavy with 60%.

Oh, and Force of Nature will now make you fast af, boy. Remember old FoN though?

Word. (Credit to 20th Century Fox / Imgur)

LoL Patch 11.3: Item Adjustments

Alright, alright I’ll hurry up. We’re almost done with the Items anyway.

As I already said, the trend of nerfing healing continues here. Leeching Leer now grants 100 extra HP but gets its Omnivamp cut in half.

UPDATED: Patch 11.3 Item and Champion Changes

Item Nerfs:

Ravenous Hydra gets nerfed from giving 15% Omnivamp to just 10%

Item Buffs:

Immortal Shieldbow gets an extra 5 AD and now provides 20% extra attack speed. Phantom Dancer will move from being purely attack speed based to giving some AD. The max stacks to get bonus attack speed have been reduced from 5 to 4. The bonus AS at max stacks still stays at 30%. Silvermere Dawn now grants 5 more AD and 100 more Health.

Item Adjustments:

Riftmaker gives twice as much HP and goes from granting 15 Omnivamp to just 8. Its Mythic passive changes from 5% Magic Penetration to 8 AP and 2% Omnivamp. Ok, I guess? Eclipse will only grant 8% Omnivamp moving forward. As compensation its shield improves from 150 (75 ranged) to180 (90 ranged).

Lol patch 11.3 Pantheon nerfs.
Please become a full-time baker and just leave the Rift behind. (Credit: Riot Games)

LoL Patch 11.3: Champions Nerfs

Udyr and Taliyah are getting nerfed. WAIT WHAT? That’s not a sentence I thought I’d ever say. It’s true though... man 2021 may even is crazier than 2020... While Udyr only less R aura damage per skill point, poor Taliyah gets an insane nerf to her Q damage. At least her passive now gives more movement speed. Meh, Jungle-speed is just so much more important.

In the support role we see nerfs to Pantheon (again) and Seraphine. The Spartan now initially has 13 seconds of cooldown on his q, to reduce his early game presence. The damage reduction on minions now also counts for monsters. Seraphine sees nerfs to her Passive damage and W shield to make her less of a laning-nuisance.

Anivia has been a little too consistent these last few weeks, so she will be adjusted accordingly. Her Q deals 10 damage less and 5% lower AP scaling at all levels. In the late game her Ult has a 2 instead of 1 seconds cooldown.

Lol Patch 11.3 Rumble
Are you ready to rumble? (Credit: Riot Games)

There will be a lot of rumble in the Jungle, as Rammus, Olaf, Ivern and Elise will all get nerfs. The Viking will now have less base HP and less attack speed from his passive. Ivern gets less HP per level and a worsened W shield.

Rammus’ E cooldown doesn’t go down anymore. But I think he will be OK. The eight-legged-heroin Elise gets hit massively as her W in spieder-form goes from 140% to just 100% extra AS. Those are basically rookie numbers. Also, her human Q deals less damage.

That only leaves Toplane. What, ADCs you say? Haha, how very funny of you, of course ADC won’t see nerfs. Just like with Rammus, Cho Gath is too simple for how incredibly strong he is. I mean 53% win-rate is pretty toxic to be fair. Thank god his E now deals 12 damage less at max level... wait what, that’s it?!

LoL Patch 11.3: Champion Buffs

So the last shall be first, and the first last, so we’ll stay on top of things: Riot just know their player base – they know who to buff: I mean who didn’t miss Vladimir, Riven, Mordekaiser and Singed. The definitly-not-a-vampire's level 9 all-ins will get even stronger, as his Ult cooldown is reduced. Riven now has 2 seconds less cooldown on her E at all ranks. Same goes for Mordekaiser. Why Riot, why? Better scaling on Singed’s Q? Sign me up!

Shyvana will get buffed in 11.3. AP Shiv was a solo q nightmare before this patch, now it’s a terror.

In Mid, Sylas is the only one getting stronger. Static mana cost of 55 at all ranks on his Q, better damage and scaling for his W. With a win-rate like that, the man needs a whole Anime training arc though.

Jinx and Ezreal also had some mediocre stats before this patch. The Piltover Mayhem-maker gets 25 more range on her Q which is cool, I guess. But more importantly Ezreal’s AD scaling on his Q goes from 120% to 130& That’s a solid buff.

Last but not least Karma gets a buff as well. Her laning presence is improved by boosting her mana regen and reducing her Q’s cost. Combined with the changes to Chemtech Putrifier, she might prove to be a really useful asset in your team.

LoL Patch 11.3: Champion Adjustments

Those aren't the changes we expected for Rell... I mean, that's a little underwhelming. We'll have to see how she does this week.

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