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Celebrating the Year of the Ox

LoL: Happy Lunar New Year in Patch 11.3

League of Legends
Aphelios Lunar New Year
Aphelios is getting a new skin in celebration of the new year! (Credit: Riot Games)

Lunar New Year is coming to League of Legends in Patch 11.3 with some epic new skins for some of our favorite champions. It is the year of the Ox, which means that the skins will be ox-themed to go with the celebrations this year.

So, who will be getting these Chinese New Year-inspired looks? Well, it wouldn’t be the year of the ox in League of Legends if everyone’s favorite cow-support didn’t get a skin. This is his year no? So obviously Alistar will be decked out with a new skin.

Annie, Aphelios, Darius, Jarvan IV and Fiora will also adorn the futuristic new year's looks. Fiora is even getting a prestige skin that looks even more refined than the original. Out of all of them, our favorite has got to be the Aphelios skin, but that’s just the emo in us talking.

Alistar Lunar New Year
It wouldn't be the year of the Ox without Alistar right? (Credit: Riot Games)

You thought those were all the cosmetics we’re getting? Well no. There will also be Crystal Rose Zyra and Swain looking snazzy in matching white outfits and their counterparts of Whitered Rose Syndra and Talon in dark purple.

Champion Changes in Patch 11.3

Of course, Patch 11.3 doesn’t just bring new skins. There are also a bunch of champion updates happening. We’ve detailed these before, but let’s just quickly summarize what is ahead for us players this patch.

Seraphine, who has just been tearing up solo queue with her win rates in multiple positions, hell even as an ADC, will be getting a nerf with this patch. Her notes will do less damage and her shield has been weakened.

Udyr Nerf Patch 11.3
Udyr has been running at people and it hasn't been fun (Credit: Riot Games)

Udyr has also been a bit too strong, hence why his Phoenix Stance is getting some power cut from it. Sad to see him lose some of his prowess, but it was a nightmare to play him over the last few weeks. Let’s see what Riot has planned with him in their upcoming champion rework.

Olaf is another champion who has just been tearing it up over the last few weeks. His base HP will be lowered in Patch 11.3 and his passive will be nerfed to stop him from being so oppressive.

A much-needed buff is given to Karma who just hasn’t seen much play in either support or mid lane. Her mana regen will be increased and the mana consumption of her Q will be lowered. These small changes won’t make her that much more popular though we believe.

Item Changes in Patch 11.3

To combat the oppressive power of Moonstaff, the combination of Moonstone Renewer and Staff of Flowing Water, Riot has decided to dial back the AP on the latter of the two items. This will make it less annoying to play against, especially for champs who have been thriving off this combination like Rakan and Yuumi.

Phantom Dancer will have its build path changed and will give less attack speed. The attack speed will be decreased from 45% to 25%, but the item will give champions an added 20 Attack Damage.

Finally, the Attack Damage of Sterak’s Gage will be lowered from 50 to 40 and the duration of the bloodlust shield will also be decreased from 5 seconds to 4.

For a full list of item changes make sure to check out our previous article which goes into more detail on all the changes in this patch.

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