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Everything you need to know about LoL Patch 11.15

LoL Patch 11.15: Patch Notes Highlights

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LoL Patch 11.15 Notes Highlights
Sentinel Pyke - definitely his best skin! | © Riot Games

LoL Patch 11.15 is live as of today! The Sentinels event is in full swing and many of our favorite champions have gotten new skins. Akshan finally enters the Rift as the 156th champion of the league, and we are all excited to see how strong his resurrecting ability really is.

But! This is not just about the new star of the community, but all the highlights from LoL patch 11.15. Which champions did Riot focus on this time? Who is getting a lot of love, and what are the buffs and nerfs doing to the meta? You can find out all about it here!

But now for the highlights. What do you have to look forward to in the Solo Queue from today?

Gwen Nerf in LoL Patch 11.15

The nerfhammer has been swung, and our dear Gwen has been hit by it. We've been able to see her a lot in pro play over the last few weeks, and there have been quite the nerfs and adjustments in the last few patches. Gwen has a very interesting kit, and Riot is attacking her early game and laning phase with the E nerf. This takes away some speed, and she can't scale that well anymore.

We think Gwen is moving in the right direction with the nerf in patch 11.15.

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Irelia Nerf in LoL Patch 11.15

Balancing Irelia is not easy, Riot has already admitted that earlier this year. With patch 11.14 they already worked on her passive. Now comes a big nerf for her W. Less damage reduction, less damage - ouch. These two nerfs make her quite a bit more vulnerable in the early game and should ensure that her famous 900 gold power spike through Vampire Scepter is a bit weaker. But don't worry, Irelia mains. You will still be able to admire her in pro play, and she is still S tier material in solo queue.

Patch 11.15 brings back Nidalee and Shyvana to the jungle

Nidalee and Shyvana, these two junglers got an incredible amount of love. And they are both shapeshifters - coincidence? Apparently Riot is trying to add more diversity to the meta again.

Nidalee gets more base HP and more life per level. She has an incredibly good jungle clear from the start and benefits from these buffs early on. Now she has the health she needs to take on the meta junglers and emerge victorious.

Maybe you still remember? Shyvana used to be a bruiser built around AD. Nowadays, it all looks a little different. Shyvana's AP ratios are extremely high and especially in her dragon form she can one-shot carries. Now Riot has also buffed her Q. Less cooldown and even more scaling with AP on both extra hits! This sounds dangerous and in our opinion is one of the biggest buffs in the patch. We smell S Tier potential here.

Dark Flame Shyvana
Dark, painful flames await your opponents! | © Riot Games

Viego disappears from the lane with patch 11.15

Viego is supposed to be a jungler. Riot made that clear with patch 11.15. His Q does less damage unless you attack jungle monsters with it. And what is even worse. Healing from marked minions has been reduced to a mere 10%. That's literally a 90% nerf. Welcome back to the Jungle, King.

By the way, Viego plays a big role in the current Sentinels event. If you want to know which, we have of course all the information in a nutshell and to the point.

That concludes our highlights for patch 11.15. Riot continues to do a lot of fine-tuning and is trying to bring more diversity to the Jungle, that's for sure now. The meta won't change much for solo laners. However, you should pay attention to Shyvana and Nidalee. Those two have it going on again!

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