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LoL: Patch 10.25 Meta Change Predictions

League of Legends
Battle Queen Rell Splash 1

Rell joins the squad in Patch 10.25 (Image Credit: Riot Games)

With new patches come new Metas. On League of Legends Patch 10.24 we had some champions which were just too strong, but with nerfs they’ve clearly fallen off and aren’t as viable anymore, while others rise to the top thanks to some much needed buffs. What are some of the meta changes we predict though?

We believe that within the final patch of 2020, Kayle will fall off quite a bit. She’d already been nerfed on Patch 10.24, but the second set of nerfs this time around will take some of her OP power away, which means that she won’t be the best-of-the-best top laners anymore. She will still be easier to bully out of lane with the lowered magic resistance. This will bring Malphite to the top, since he is a very strong AP-tank.

This patch had many changes to jungle champions, especially buffs to multiple underperforming champions. We believe this will bring a lot more variety to the position, since Champions like Kayn and Amumu, who were just way too strong and overpowering everyone else in the jungle, have received nerfs. Both of them will be a bit weaker, though not by much. Thanks to some buffs Lee Sin, Warwick and Ekko are going to be showing up more. Especially Lee Sin, who is a fan favourite, will probably get a lot more playing time this patch.

Fizz, who was one of the best assassin midlaners also received a nerf on Patch 10.25 and will therefore be moved from one of our prime picks to the A-tier. He will probably still be a great pick, but not as OP as he was on the previous patch. His mana pool was decreased, so he won’t be able to abuse his abilities and spam them throughout the game. Players will have to adapt to the change and either shake up his runes or just play more passively.

Festival queen anivia 1

Anivia received some Buffs, but was it enough? (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Anivia also received buffs, but these aren’t enough to make her one of the prime picks. Her kits still seems a bit outdated. She will be better to play and feel like a much better champion overall, but honestly speaking, these buffs only made her go from bad to average, so we do not see a change there.

We do not believe much will change in the ADC position. Even with Jhin and Samira nerfs, these two champions are just too good at taking over games and that won’t change. Samira is just an insanely strong pick and even though Jhin also received a nerf, some of the items he likes to build were buffed which should even out his strength. So he might not be as OP, but he is still one of the best ADCs in the game.

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Support items got some buffs, but champions themselves were mostly left alone, which means that for the support role not much will change. Shielding and healing might be a bit better on Patch 10.25, but no supports can reach Leona or Lulu in terms of effectiveness and strength. With the addition of Rell we might see another tank-support join the meta, since she does have a similar feel to Leona. Expect to see a lot of her on the Rift, since players will be curious what the new Support is all about.

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