Which items have just been wrecking Summoner's Rift?

LoL Patch 10.24 Preview: Some Much Needed Nerfs and Buffs

League of Legends
Patch 10.24 Kayle

Kayle is one of the strongest champions in the current meta (Image Credit: Riot Games)

How has pre-season gone thus far? Well, it’s been a learning curve for mostly… everyone. Players like Tyler1 and just about everyone on Reddit already made their disdain for the changes clear. Can LoL patch 10.24 make everybody happy again?

Patch 10.23 saw not one, but two hotfixes to the items in hopes of keeping everything balanced. Tanks have become too strong, while assassins are running rampant. So will Riot fix this with next week’s patch update?

Two Words: Item. Nerfs.

It seems they have their eyes set on AP Items. 5 of 6 AP-Mythic items are getting nerfed. First on the list, we’ve got Luden’s Tempest. This is basically the same item as Luden’s Echo, with added movement speed and bonus magic penetration. Unfortunately, the poke and wave control was just too much and should therefore be dialed back with patch 10.24.

Liandry’s Anguish will also be nerfed, even after it was already fixed along with other items in one of the two hotfixes. The nerf is overdue, since currently all champions with the highest winrate have this item built onto them and just shred through everything.

Nightharvester is the item for AP assassins. We believe Riot is going to tone down the general damage on this item to try and balance it out.

Riftmaker is insane for long extended fights, thanks to the Omni Vamp and the true damage it gives. Definitely nerf-material.

Hextech Rocketbelt, which is almost identical to Protobelt, will also be nerfed… maybe the added movement speed towards enemies is getting toned down?

Which items are getting buffed?

Now, let’s take a look at which items are getting buffed. AP junglers can look forwarding to receiving buffs. This might mean that the starting items are going to be improved, as well as their damage against monsters.

Kraken Slayer is a very underused marksmen mythic item. It is overshadowed by Immortal Shieldbow, which is currently the only marksmen item being built. Hence, why Kraken Slayer is getting a buff to try and diversify the marksmen builds.

Moonstone Renewer is another item in need of a buff. It was already taken under the microscope with a hotfix to try and debug it. It still isn’t perfect and feels like a discount version of what Athene’s Unholy Grail had once been. Let’s see if Riot can get it right this time.

Prowler’s Claw which was overshadowed by Eclipse and Duskblade will also get a buff. Currently, the item gives players amplified damage as well as a dash, which sounds great on paper, but just didn't work out how players wanted. Hopefully, this won’t be overbuffed and become the only item AD Assassins build.

Champion Buffs and Nerf coming your way as well!

Item nerf and buffs aren’t the only thing we’re getting. Of course, we’ve gotta take a look at the champions which are getting changes with patch 10.24. The most prominent nerf is going to go to Kayle, who has just been tearing up anyone.

Tryndamere Patch 10.24

Will Tryndamere ever be good again? (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Kayle is insanely strong, especially when building Riftmaker as well as Nashor’s Tooth. Getting these two items was enough for Kayle to overpower everyone. She felt like a level 16 Kayle at level 11. With patch 10.24, her core build is getting nerfed as well as her kit. Uhm... is this goodbye Kayle? Maybe? Hopefully?

Other champions that are being tweaked are Samira and Hecarim. Hopefully, Riot can get Samira right this time around without completely over-nerfing her, as they did to Aphelios last season. Hecarim will also have his kit altered, since he’s just too good in this current tank meta.

And finally, we get a single champion buff and that is Tryndamere. He hasn’t received as much love as other crit melee champions, like Yone or Yasuo. Hopefully, Riot will give him some much-needed strength, so he can split push to his heart’s content.

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