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Which cosmic skin is your favorite?

LoL: New Patch 10.24 Will Take Us Into Space With New Skins

League of Legends
Cosmic Nidalee Patch 10.24
The new Cosmic Nidalee looks amazing! (Image Credit: Riot Games)

League of Legends’ pre-season patch has brought us a lot of grief and annoyance. The new UI of the shop is something everyone still has to get used to, and the new icons just seem impossible to tell apart from one another. Am I buying Serrated Disk or Hexdrinker?

But we’re not here today to write about the icons or the new shop. No, we’re going to take a look ahead at what will be in about a week when the new Patch 10.24 goes live. Why? Because there are some sick new skins which await us!

Illaoi, Skarner and Anivia, champions which aren’t the most popular and therefore haven’t gotten new skins in a while will be adorning epic new looks in the upcoming patch. These skins are already available on PBE and they look amazing.

These champions will join others like Ashe, Kassadin and Xin Zhao in the Event Horizon/Cosmic skin line. This skin line is about cosmic creatures of sublime love and are the children of silent gods. Pretty cool to be part of, eh?

So, which champions will get some new skins other than the three we’ve mentioned above? We’re also getting a floating fish-alien in Nami as well as a space vampire Vladimir. Four other champions will be joining them. Nidalee, Hecarim, Varus and Lissandra will also be transformed into cosmic gods.

Prestige Star Guardian Soraka Patch 10.24
Soraka getting a new Prestige Skin (Image Credit: Riot Games)

But wait, that’s not all! Soraka is also getting a bit of love. Her Star Guardian skin, clearly one of her best – but I might just be biased – will be getting a prestige skin. So for anyone who is a fan of magical girls, or just the Star Guardian skin line, you’re in luck.

These skins all look amazing and make us forget for a moment what a mess pre-season has truly been so far. Smart moves, Riot… smart moves.

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