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When will League of Legends be balanced...? Probably never.

LoL Patch 10.24: All Buffs and Nerfs to Items

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Patch 10.24 Amumu
Haven't we all felt like Amumu these last few weeks in the new meta? (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Next week we’re getting a new League of Legends patch to hopefully iron out some of the kinks which have made the game less of a joy to play. Mark Yetter, Riot Gameplay Design Director, let fans know through Twitter what problems the developers are tackling with Patch 10.24.

One issue which many spoke of has been the icon layouts. They’re too small, too bright and all seem to look the same. Players couldn’t distinguish items from one another, which is why Riot will be cleaning up the icons and get rid of some of the confusing colour saturation and revert to a slightly more conservative style. Pictures of the Items on a black background instead of the coloured splash art players had to sift through for the last two weeks.

Of course the item icons aren’t the only change. Oh no. There is lots more to come!

These Items are Getting Nerfed

Luden’s Tempest is going to be put under the microscope and have its damage reduced from 100 with an added 15% AP to 100 with an added 10% AP. Not only that, but the movement speed bonus of 30% is going to be halved to 15%. The added movement speed was just far too safe for mages and opponents didn’t have any chance to escape once targeted by one.

Liandry’s Anguish will have its burn damage reduced. The previous damage over time was 15 and an added 2.5% AP per second. This is going to be reduced to 15 and 1.5% AP per second. Now the burn lasts for 4 seconds, which means that in the current state the item does a total of 10% AP damage, but after the nerf this will be reduced to 6%.

Night Harvester gave players just a little bit too big of a powerspike once the mythic was complete. Hence why Riot has decided that come Patch 10.24 this item’s base damage has to be lowered. The damage is going to go from 175 - 250 to 125 - 200.

Riftmaker made champions who like to stay in elongated fights way too good. It’s been the prince source of Omni Vamp as well as True Damage for champions like Kayle. Therefore, it’ll have its damage amp lowered from 3% to 2% per second. It will only be able to achieve a maximum of 10% instead of 15%.

Mythic Items Patch 10.24
What are your opinions on the new item layouts? (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Another AP item that is getting nerfed is Hextech Rocketbelt. This item was also just too strong once finished. Its base damage is going to be lowered from 200 - 300 to 175 - 250 and the bonus movement speed will be cut from 75% to 50%.

One more mythic item is being nerfed. Eclipse will get a second look, even after it was already nerfed by Riot in a hotfix. The item just has everything, burst damage, a shield for protection as well as a mini Phase Rush. So what does Riot do even after being nerfed once? Well, it’ll get its cooldown elongated from 6 seconds to 8. Maybe that’ll get this item under control?

Of course, items other than mythic items are also getting nerfed. The on-hit ratio of Nashor’s Tooth is being lowered from 25% to 20%.

Lich Bane will have its passive nerfed by lowering the damage through spellblade ratio from 30% to 25%. This is going to be felt in the lategame, once players have 5 or 6 items completed.

Lastly, Blade of the Ruined King will also be dialed back. It’s going to cost more and give you less attack speed. Is it still going to be worth it?

Item Buffs? Yes Please!

One of the worst items was Tear of the Goddess and it’s thankfully getting a bit of love. The base mana is being increased from 150 to 240 and the maximum mana from stacks is being lowered from 450 to 360. It’s been taking far too long to stack this item which is why this buff is going to feel great.

An item that was newly introduced with Patch 10.23, Cosmic Drive, is also going to get a buff. The AP is going to be increased from 70 to 75 and will hopefully be more useful in Patch 10.24 with the added power.

AP junglers must be happy since healing will now no longer be reduced when using an AoE ability against jungle monsters. Though the healing was reduced from 12% to 10%. Overall, this will be a buff to most AP junglers.

Who else should rejoice? Marksmen. Kraken Slayer will get a huge buff with an increase to its attack damage, as well as the proc damage which was 60 with an added 0.3 bonus AD and will be 60 with an added 0.45 bonus AD. This is going to be great to cut through beefy frontlines.

Patch 10.24 Jhin
Jhin and other Marksmen have felt rather lackluster so hopefully item buffs will make them great once more (Image Credit: Riot Games)

The Essence Reaver buff is simple enough: More Attack Damage. The items damage will be increased from 40 to 50.

Phantom Dancer will have its cost reduced, which is going to feel great for your wallets, and the buff duration the item gives will last 3 instead of 2 seconds. This is great when trying to kite during a fight.

The Support item Moonstone Renewer has been overshadowed by other items like Imperial Mandate which is why it will also be buffed in Patch 10.24. The base healing will go from 30-90 to 60-90 and the healing amplifier will be reduced from 0-150% to 0-100%. Overall max healing is getting buffed though since before it was 75-150 and after the buff it’ll be 120-180.

Same as with Essence Reaver, Prowler’s Claw is getting a clear-cut AD increase from 55 to 60.

Serpent’s Fang is going to be the item you’ll want to build when playing against comps with a lot of shielding. The Shield Reaver is going to be increased from 50 and 40% bonus AD to 70 and 40% bonus AD. Go break some shields!

This patch focused heavily on item nerfs and buffs. Some champions will be seeing nerfs, like Samira, Amumu and Kayle, while Tryndamere and Galio got buffed. Mark Yetter already explained that for patch 10.25 they will focus a lot more on overperforming champions once more.

Phew that was a lot. How are you feeling about these changes? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook. For more information regarding League of Legends and the World Championship Winners Damwon Gaming, as well as their potential skins, keep reading on EarlyGame.