Will Seraphine better her D-Tier standing as a Midlaner with these changes?

LoL Patch 10.23: Seraphine to Be Shifted From Support to Mid

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Seraphine and Cat

What changes are coming her way? (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Seraphine has been available on live servers for a week and already Riot has some things they want to change about her. For one, she has mostly been seen in the support role, something which is probably going to change with the upcoming Pre-Season Patch 10.23 next week.

According to Riot dev Mark ‘Scruffy’ Yetter, they have seen how Seraphine has performed as a support and want to make her a more multidimensional champion who is also viable in the midlane. How are they going to bring her abysmal 46% win rate up though?

Well her waveclear needs to be increased so she is able to compete with strong early game Midlanders like Orianna or Syndra. What is Riot going to do though?

Seraphine singer photo 1

She has a 11% pick rate as a support with a 48% winrate! As a midlaner though? Not as successful (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Well to start off, her passive will have a slight change. The Note ratio, which gives AP, will now give more AP after specific levels. At Level 1, 6, 11 and 16 will now increase by 6, 7, 8, and 9%. This is going to make her stronger as the game progresses.

Also, her Q – High Note – will have some increased base damage which will be able to let her compete with other mage midlaners. Her E – Beat Drop – is going to dish out 100% damage against minions at all times, unlike before where it scaled with each level up of the ability, but because of this, the base damage of the attack has been slightly lowered.

Seraphine’s mana regen will also be targeted, going down from 10 to 8, which means players won’t be able to spam her abilities as much and proc her passive constantly.

These changes are going to be implemented to make Seraphine a strong viable midlaner and shift her away from the Support role, but not take it away completely. Mark Yetter wrote on Twitter:

“Mid lane Seraphine, who will be a higher level throughout the game, will have better access to scaling damage via her new passive and Q changes. She can now use E more comfortably for wave clear when needed. Support Seraphine won’t be able to hit those same damage numbers, but will still be able to lean on E-max to provide consistent crowd-control for her team.”

So Riot is trying to make Seraphine a champion who can do both, dish out damage or help support her team, however you decide to go with her. Let’s see how it goes next week then! Will Seraphine be able to make it out of the dungeon as a D-Tier midlaner?

What do you think about Seraphine in the Midlane? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook. And for more news, like which Championship Skinswe might get from Damwon Gaming, then keep reading on EarlyGame.

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