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What are we to expect?

LoL Patch 10.23: The Summoner's Rift We Know Will Change

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Patch 10.23
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The season is coming to an end, which means a lot of changes are awaiting us. We’ve talked about Ability Haste. We’ve looked into the new mythic items. But are we ready? Hardly. So many changes are coming our way.

Patch 10.23 is going to go live, as planned, on November 11 with some changes to champions, but the long-awaited pre-season changes? Not yet. Those will stay another week or so on the PBE servers to be tested for a full 6-weeks before the general League of Legends population will have to face the hard decision whether to build Immortal Shieldbow or Galeforce.

What will we see with the Patch update on November 11 though?

A couple of champions who got some buffs with Patch 10.22 will now be reeled back with Patch 10.23. Amumu has been wreaking havoc in the jungle, especially in low elo, and therefore will be seeing a bit of a nerf to his kit. He will now be squishier with lowered base armour going from 33 to 30, while his HP per level is also getting a hit going to 80 form 84.

Along with Amumu, Brand will also be nerfed. His E – Conflagration will have an increased cooldown, which should keep people from spamming the ability that burns opponents. It’s not going to affect his play much, though.

We’ve already talked about Seraphine and her upcoming changes before. She has been played mostly as a support, something Riot wants to change, by making her a more attractive midlaner as well. Her Q – Highnote will have increased damage, while her E – Beat Drop will deal less damage to opponents, but 100% damage to minions. This will make her waveclear much better, and she will be a viable pick in the midlane while staying a decent support too.

As Riot had mentioned before in multiple tweets, there will be changes for the pre-season regarding certain champions. Most of these are due to the developers trying to even out the crit system. For example, Caitlyn’s passive will now grant 25% less bonus damage to headshot.

Jhin is also going to feel an effect on his crit once pre-season hits. His damage reduction from crit changed to 14% (150% damage crits) from 25% (150% damage crits). Yasuo and Yone, who basically have the same passive, will now have any chance of a critical strike over 100% converted into bonus AD.

Ornn will have a change to his crafting passive as well that every time he upgrades any mythic to a masterwork his passive Armor/MR amp increases by 5% (10% without upgrades, same as live). He will also gain an additional 10% health from all sources and this value will increase by 4% of these bonus stats per Mythic item he upgrades into a masterwork.

Other champions have also had their mana pool changed. Akali will be receiving a buff in the pre-season with a decrease to her energy cost. Kassadin will also be graced with a buff. He is going to have more mana, but also gain more mana per level. Malphite will be tankier with a health increase, while his mana pool was also increased and his mana per level as well.

There are many more changes coming up, which will be explained in great detail. Gameplay Design Director Mark Yetter has already announced that the upcoming patch notes will be well over 15.000 words. Once we’ve got all the information, we will follow up with a more detailed article on all upcoming pre-season and Season 11 changes.

This has been a quick run-down, but more is to come! What do you think pre-season will be like? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook. And for more news, like which Championship Skins we might get from Damwon Gaming, then keep reading on EarlyGame.