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Is the LCK going to be back on top or will the LPL continue their dominance?

LoL: Our Expert Predictions for the 2020 Worlds Finals

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2020 League of Legends World Championship pick
Can Suning beat Damwon this coming weekend? (Image Credit: Riot Games via Flickr)

This is it. This is the moment fans have been waiting for, ever since the action had begun in late September. Who would have thought that an underdog like Suning could climb the ranks, besting three of the four favorites to win the tournament? Could anyone have predicted this level of dominance to come out of Damwon?

The last month has shown some of the most incredible League of Legends action and has brought attention to players and teams no one else would have ever paid attention to. The LEC fourth seed not making it to groups, TSM’s mental going completely boom.

The quarterfinals were a treat to watch with Fnatic almost knocking Top Esports out of the running, while G2 completely obliterated Gen.G. Of course, we cannot forget the strong showing from Damwon who didn’t even flinch at DRX and Suning took control of their game against JDG.

Damwon Gaming Ghost
Damwon Gaming's Bot Laner Ghost during the Quarter-final (Image Credit: Riot Games via Flickr)

Last weekend’s semifinals held some of the strongest teams in League of Legends history and nobody could have predicted these outcomes. Questions had arisen whether G2 really were the LCK killers and if Top Esports would now barrel through to the finals. Anything could have happened.

Damwon Gaming completely annihilated G2. Sure Game 2 looked good for the European squad, but Damwon didn’t let the single loss shake them. They bounced back and took the next two games in convincing fashion. Game 4 was the fastest game in League of Legends worlds’ history when the Koreans, along with Shelly the Rift Herald, barged into G2’s base. There was nothing Caps and friends could do. Damwon had gotten their revenge and bought themselves a ticket to the Worlds Finals.

Suning outperformed Top Esports on every level. Even games that looked to be heavily favored were turned around through individual outplays, showing off the skill the Chinese underdogs have. They’ve continued to grow with each game and gotten better every single match. They dominated G2 in groups and put both JDG and TES in their place. Is Damwon going to be their final victim?

We believe that both teams have looked incredible. Both have shown their style of League of Legends and their will to win. Individual performances have shown through, like Huanfeng opening up the Jhin ultimate from inside JDG’s base to snipe both Zoom and Yagao off the map, or BerryL roaming top as Braum to gank Wunder and Jankos. Yet, it does seem that Damwon is still favored.

The Korean squad has dominated all of summer and the World Championship, showing a deep champion pool and even players who had been deemed ‘weak’ such as Ghost and BerryL have stepped up to the plate. On the other hand, Suning has just shown great resilience all year, going from an 11th place finish in Spring to 3rd in Summer to now a 2020 World Championship finals appearance.

Will Suning be able to finish their dream run off with a win? Can they complete the sweep of all the World Championship favorites? It’ll be a hard task since Damwon seems to be able to execute any comp they draft almost without fault. While Suning have looked a bit frazzled at times, even when ahead, Damwon has just been clean through and through.

Which is why we believe that Damwon is going to be the next World Champion. We do hope that the curse of 3-0 finals is ended since nobody wants to see a one-sided stomp. We think that Suning can contend and has a chance to make the upset, but only if Damwon stumbles. Overall, the LCK representative has just looked too clean and too strong. Hence why we believe the final to be DWG 3 - 1 SN.

The action is set to begin at 11:00 CET on October 31.

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