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Who else is excited for 5 more Champions in 2021?

Next LoL Champion Release Date & More

League of Legends
Ruined King Queen
Whose side will she take? That of Viego or Senna? (Credit: Riot Games)q

This year, Riot is setting out once more to bring 6 new Champions with release dates in 2021, similar to the roadmap they followed the previous year. Giving players of each lane new champions to main and fall in love with.

This begs the question though, who is the next champion and when will they be released?

Last year, around this time, Sett had been released – a brawler who is flexible in multiple positions. He became a rather popular pick after the disaster which had been Aphelios’ debut.

Riot Games Ring and Needle
A comparison of the Ring of the Ruined King and the sewing kit of the new champion. (Credit: Riot Games)

Similarly, this year we already got to witness Viego, the Ruined King, hit the jungle and take over Summoner’s Rift thanks to the black mist in his inventory. He has also seen a rise in popularity in other positions, such as mid lane.

Release Date of the Next LoL Champs

Earlier in the year, Riot announced multiple other champions with release dates this year, all of them pertaining to the story of the Ruined King and the ruination which is taking place all over Runeterra.

Who is the Next LoL Champion?

So who are we sure we’ll be getting to see on Summoner’s Rift? Well, the signs all pointed to the next top lane AP fighter being none other than the long-lost Queen. The emblem in the picture shown during the livestream was the same as on the Blade of the Ruined King and his ring. Not to mention her split allegiances between Viego, her lover who destroyed himself and the blessed isles for her, or with Senna whom she has grown a close bond with.

Two more Champions will be joining the cast of League of Legends later this year: A gloomy and emo artillery mage from Bandle City as well as a Sentinel of Light marksman from Shurima.

Since we’ve gotten the most hints and information regarding the Queen, she will most likely be the next champion Riot releases. Looking at last year’s release dates, it won't be until the summer.

In 2020, after Sett was released fans had to wait 6 months for the Spirit Blossom event which gave us Lillia and Yone.

In 2021 though, with the release of Riot Forge and Airship Syndicate bringing out a game that coincides with the lore of the champions being released, we believe that the Queen will grace Summoner’s Rift when Ruined King: A League of Legends Story comes out.

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story Poster
Ruined King: A League of Legends Story to come out this year (Credit: Riot Games)

Many had believed that the game should come out alongside Viego, but due to some circumstances, the game's release had to be pushed back. This is why it would be perfect to bring out the catalyst of the Ruined Kings insanity alongside the turn-based RPG.

So even though we do not have an exact release of the next champion, we know who they are, which position they’ll play and even know how they fit into the story of Runeterra. Hopefully, we get to find out more soon with the release of the new game and champion.

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