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So… about Norra, who’s actually Vex, who’s not what we thought she was. Let’s talk.

LoL New Champion Vex: Abilities, Lore & Release Date

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LoL New Champion Vex
Vex will most probably be the new LoL champion after Akshan. | © Riot Games

We all thought the new LoL Champion after Akshan would be Norra, Yuumi’s master that has disappeared. But just like with Gwen, Riot pulled a UNO reverse card, and we now know that the new LoL Champion will in fact be Vex. Here’s everything about Vex: release date, abilities, lore and more.

Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love Vex and her emo-look. However, we were a tad bit surprised when Vex was Vex and not Norra. Everyone just assumed that the new LoL Champion after Akshan would be Norra, but hey, this is Riot we're talking about, and they're always pulling those moves.

How do we know that, though? Well, because Vex has been leaked thanks to the Sentinels of Light story that is currently going on in the LoL Universe.

What We Know About Vex’s Lore

The one thing that always comes up when talking about Vex, is that she is a gloomy mage (already gives you a hint at what kind of champion she will be, but more on that in a second). Since every champion that was released during the Sentinels Event ties in with the according lore, Vex is no difference here. She is a Yordle that plays a big part in Viego’s story.

According to a /reddit post by Reav3, Viego meets the travelling Vex, who fancies Viego and therefore helps him amplify Viego’s powers. If this is true, then Vex is the reason why Viego is so powerful now.

What Abilities Will Vex Have?

Like I said above, Vex is said to be the “gloomy mage”, so she will be a mage champion, a burst mage, to be precise. Not much is known about Vex’s abilities yet, but because Yordles often have elemental magic, it's very possible that Vex will also wield elemental magic. If we have more info about Vex’s abilities, we will let you know by updating this article.

When Will Vex Release?

Since Vex ties in with the Sentinels Event, we expect that she will be released during that same event. With Akshan dropping in LoL Patch 11.15, we expect Vex to either drop in LoL Patch 11.16 (so August 11), or LoL Patch 11.17 (August 25). The thing is, would Riot seriously drop a new LoL champion right after Akshan is released in Patch 11.15? But then again, the Sentinels Event ends in roughly a month and LoL Patch 11.17 is way after the Event ends.

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