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It's finally happening! Some information on Arcane!

LoL: Netflix Series Arcane Release Date, Trailer & More

League of Legends
LoL Arcane
Netflix and LoL... the combination of a lifetime (Credit: Netflix)

The League of Legends universe has expanded much further than Summoner's Rift or the Howling Abyss. We have multiple games, multiple AU's in the form of skins, and now we're getting the final big boss: the Show. Yup, it's confirmed the LoL show of our dreams will be coming to Netflix soon. We have all the info for you right here. 

Arcane – the name of the upcoming series – has already been announced previously. During the 10-year Riot Games' anniversary, we got a few glimpses of what we could expect from the series, but alas our good friend the COVID-19 Pandemic hit and Riot's exclusive series had to be put on the back burner. 

Now, Netflix has confirmed that the series hasn't been forgotten. With a short trailer released yesterday, we've got millisecond glimpses of characters and action. 

When Will the LoL Netflix Series Arcane be Released?

Riot has announced that Arcane will be released in the fall of 2021. This is almost exactly two years since the first announcement of the League of Legends series. 

On Monday, Riot and Netflix released a short 9-second hype trailer for the series. Seriously, this short clip seems to have gotten more attention than Aurelion Sol has gotten over the last two years. So even though it's short, it sure gets you hyped. 

Together with the French studio Fortriche Productions, Riot seems to have worked overtime to get this Netflix series rolling. The production team did state that it is difficult to immerse oneself into the workflow due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic, but it seems that they managed to work through those worries since the series seems to be heading into the final stages of production and soon onto our laptop screens. 

What is the LoL Netflix Series Arcane About?

Arcane is going to show the background story of two prominent League of Legends champions – Jinx and Vi – and how their friendship developed. Of course, these two won't be the only champions making an appearance in the series. 

In a second trailer for the Netflix show Arcane, set to come out this fall, we get a glimpse into a grown-up Jinx and how she is slowly spiraling into madness, reliving her childhood trauma - we also get a scene where she kills a crow and we all know that Swain is out to get her now. 

For those of you who aren't in the know-how, Swain used to roam Summoner's Rift with a crow on his shoulder. That was before his rework in 2018 and the crow was lovingly named Beatrice. Does this unjust killing of a crow – maybe Beatrice – in the Arcane trailer mean we will have some sort of Swain interactions within the Netflix Series? Who knows. 

Riot also released a Dev Diaries video in which they explain why they chose Jinx and Vi as their main characters for the Netflix show Arcane. The two are sisters who couldn't be more different from one another and thus butt heads quite often - something many people with siblings can relate to. Also, Jinx and Vi are two of the most well-known and beloved characters from League of Legends, making them the perfect fit for this Netflix show

Arcane is most likely the beginning of a vast universe in which more and more stories of Runeterra get put on the big screen. At least according to the Dev Diaries video, it seems like there is more to come, with the Netflix show Arcane being the first installment of more to come. 

Who are the Champions in Arcane?

The story will mostly be about Jinx and Vi. They're the two we have seen the most of in the original trailer and the new one, but there are more champions who will make an appearance in the LoL Netflix series

Since the series is most likely to play in Piltover and Zaun, characters from the twin cities will make their appearance. Judging by the original trailer, champions like Singed and Warwick could play a role. Of course, a portrait of Caitlyn was also seen, so she could also be a character in the Netflix show. 

From the new trailer, we can gauge that Viktor might also make an appearance and even Talon or Ekko could be added into the mix. So many champions, yet only speculation thus far. 

One thing is for sure though. Judging by the Arcane trailer, there is going to be a hell of a lot of fighting, it's going to be hot and maybe, just maybe, we get to experience an epic Tokyo Ghoul moment, where the protagonist loses their mind out of sheer desperation with the Jinx origin story

Interested in more Lore? 

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Original Article by EarlyGame Author Eric Ganther