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Lighting Your Way to Challenger: Lux Guide

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Lux is lighting your way to challenger!

It's Lux's turn to get a champion guide! In our Champion Guide Series, we present the most important game mechanics and play styles for all the League Of Legends champions. We show you which Runes to pick, how to play the champion and of course, the best item builds. Today we will be fighting the ruination with light aka Lux

You'd rather play something more hardcore than Lux? Well, don't worry, this Lux Champion guide isn't the only one we've made. You can also dominate the jungle with Kindred or take over the top lane with Aatrox. And if you're a mid lane main, then make sure to check out our assassin Akali guide and mage Ahri champion guide. 

Writing a champion guide for Lux is as useful and important as going to the doctor regularly. You guys might not know it, but there are quite a few hidden talents this mage has in store, so you can truly harness the power of the laser beam. 

Lux Champion Guide: Mechanics and Gameplay

Lux has an extremely good laning phase. Her range is insane, and you can dish out quite a bit of damage from far away. You'll be the bane of the enemy laners existence. 

Is Lux a Support Champion?

Yes, Lux is best played as a support. She is most played in the bot lane and also sports the best win rates as a support, which is why we've decided to make this a support Lux champion guide! She is currently working part-time as an enchanter support, while her main job is painting opponents' screens gray. That's why Lux is one of the most obnoxious and most hated support champions in the game. 

Another reason why Lux is so popular as a support, is her E, which can be used to scout out bushes. So leave those item slots open for damage items and leave those wards at home... or back with the shopkeeper. You can even light up two bushes at once! No ganks for you, Kha'Zix!

The possibilities are endless with her E. You can zone out enemies, you can light up the jungle to make sure you're safe, and you can mark your opponents to one-shot them... but wait, we're getting ahead of ourselves here. Gotta take it step-by-step in this Lux champion guide

Lux Mechanics to One-Shot Every Opponent

If you're sitting here reading our Lux champion guide, then you might have messed up her combos a few times and gotten the timing wrong. Don't worry, we've all been there! Hell, the other day, the Lux on my Wild Rift team decided to walk to the baron lane because she didn't realize the map was turned around. 

But let us get back to what is important here. Lux mechanics: If you slow your opponents with her E, use your ultimate right away and recast E to get double the proc of her passive. If you're wondering where the hell all that damage is coming from, you'll know it's from this Lux champion guide. 

  • April and May were really great months for skins! I wonder if June is going to be just as good?

If you want to really surprise your opponent – surprise party Lux skin, Riot? – then use this cute little Lux mechanic trick: Your Q hits two opponents, so if you have decent aim, just position yourself behind a single minion and throw out your Q. The enemy minion will get sniped, but so will your unsuspecting opponent! 

If you manage to root your opponent, well then it's free real estate. Use her passive over and over while pressing R. Seriously, her ultimate has almost no cooldown, especially if you get a bit of Ability Haste

That's it for our Lux Champion Guide. If you're lazy and just scrolled through it without reading, don't worry, you can always just watch our guide as well where we explain everything in detail right here: 

Hopefully, you could learn something about Lux and her mechanics thanks to this champion guide. If you're interested in getting even better at League of Legends, check out these guides right here:

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