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Caster Gets His Own Easter Egg

LoL: Caster LS Gets His Own Easter Egg

League of Legends
LS LEC casting desk
This mad lad ranted about Morello for years and Riot gave him an easter-egg for it (Credit: LEC Broadcast)

The caster for the English LCK stream “LS” aka Last Shadow has always been a strong advocate for the item Liandry’s Anguish, formerly known as Liandry’s Torment. Now Riot gave him an awesome little Easter egg. Wanna know what it is? Keep reading!

LS and Liandry’s — name a more iconic duo. For years, the streamer has urged players to buy Liandry’s over Morellonomicon, as he thinks it is way better. Over time, it even became a meme in the community. Now, Riot finally paid tribute to this man's dedication and gave him his very own Easter egg.

If you didn’t catch it in the tweet already: If you type LS’s former gamer tag ‘Last Shadow’ in the LoL shops’ search bar, it will now show you the items Liandry’s Anguish and Morellonimicon. Pretty cool if you ask us. LS himself seemed absolutely overjoyed and very emotional about the tribute Riot paid him.

Said this many times throughout the years, but League of Legends saved my life & before it I was potentially gonna be homeless again, & Ive always felt grateful to Riot for it. This very thing among so many others racing through my mind is why such a thing means so much to me

Honestly, this is such a heartwarming story, and it is great to see Riot give back to the pillars of their community. It's a great example of hard work and persistence paying off. Well done LS, we’re happy for you.

This isn’t the only Easter egg in the shop by the way. Try typing in ‘spooky ghosts’ or 'tons of damage', you'll be surprised to see what pops up.


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