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Which games to doge? It's science, guys!

LoL Guide: How To Use the Dodge Tool

League of Legends

Listen up, my former and future friends. If you want to gain Elo in League Of Legends, you need not worry anymore. Today we are here to present a tool that makes every excuse seem made-up. You don't play LoL that often? Your teammates are inting every game? Well not anymore, friends, the dodge tool officially gets you ahead of the curve. What even is iron?

League Of Legends is a game full of difficult decisions, and frustration about decisions gone-wrong. The first decision starts at whether to waste your next 50 minutes in a game that was already decided in champ select, or not. How are you to decide this difficult conundrum? Who is there to help, if your mathematical abilities don't exceed 7th Grade mathematics? Well, that's where the Dodge Tool comes in, of course!

What is the dodge tool?

The dodge tool uses machine learning to provide a win-rate for your champ select. It can help you decide when it's best to dodge a game, based on the win-rate that other players have, compared to that of the enemy team.

The dodge tool has already existed for a while, and there are some other tools with similar functionalities. The thing is, as we want you little League Of Legends enthusiasts to climb the mountains of challenger county, we have done some intense research, perfected our knowledge, and are now here to share some critical information with you.

How do you use the dodge tool?

Simply copy the lines of the summoners that joined your game into the textbox, and see the result. The website will show you if the game is worth dodging or not. Important for junglers is also the "Live Mode" enabled button. It'll let you know which champion is the strongest, based on the person playing it.

So guys, let's be honest: the dodge tool shows if your ranked is going to be a circus full of apes or not. If you're easily tilted, it would be best to take a look, and dodge the queue if the results do not look satisfying enough. Beware though, if you dodge too often League Of Legends is going to punish you.

How many games can you dodge in LoL?

There is no rule limiting the number of games that you can dodge in League Of Legends. However, there are penalties implemented by Riot for every dodge that you make. We're talking time penalties... and they can be quite huge. So, as cool as the dodge tool sounds, maybe don't use it too often. We've put the stats down here for you:

  • Normal Queue: 6 min (1st time) - 30 min (3rd time and more)
  • Ranked SoloQ: 6 min (1st time) - 30 min & -10LP (2nd time and more)
  • Ranked Flex: 6 min & -3LP (1st time) - 30 min & -10 LP (2nd time & more)
  • ARAM: 15 min (1st time) - 60 min (3rd time & more)#

Do you lose MMR if you dodge a LoL game?

No, you don't lose any MMR if you dodge a game. That means that the gain of your LP will not be affected. You can even level up your LP and MMR if you dodge Promo games, but that's more of a challenger tactic, and probably not relevant for most people. At least, it isn't for me.

You only lose LP as mentioned, but you can get them back. MMR is not as easy to restore, and remember that while using the League Of Legends dodge tool, it works better if your Elo is lower. The prediction rate is just higher, as there are more players in the database.

In the end, though, you can rely on the Riot matchmaking system most of the time, which limits the need for you to use the Dodge Tool. They did not do too bad of a job fixing their client, but if you are really concerned about your Elo, as a good League Of Legends soldier should be, maybe dodge some games from time to time, before you get really tilted and throw your computer out the window.

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