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How to really win a game of LoL!

3 Cheese Strats for Your Solo Queue Matches

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LoL Cheese Strats
Cheese wins games.

Cheese strats, to this day, are some of the best things one can do in a game of League of Legends. So to help you out we've compiled a short list of hilariously effective strats which are sure to get you wins and your opponents tilted. 

When the French Jacquez K'esé left his milk out after finishing a hearty bowl of cereal, he never would have thought that he'd be inventing something magnificent. That product would internationally be known as "cheese". 

To this day, there are 7 different types of cheese known to man. Some stink, some help you in your Solo Queue struggles. And, even though I would like to wax poetic about my love for Cheddar and Parmesan, I have a job to do and that job is to teach you guys about something wonderful called "Cheese of Legends: best Cheese Tactics in LoL". 

What are Cheese-Strats in LoL?

A cheese-strat is a strategy in which you take a huge risk in hope of gaining a huge reward. They utilize the element of surprise because if an opponent doesn't know what's coming at them, they can't defend themselves. This way you can easily climb elo hell, at the expense of other people's sanity. 

1. The Mozarella-Minion-Strategy

Let's just get started right away. This strategy will work under three conditions. 

  1. You're playing in the bot-lane or the top-lane
  2. Your opponent is helping their jungler start with the buff and you just simply ignore yours. 
  3. You aren't lactose intolerant – RIP guess I'm out. 

Checked off everything on the list? Well then, let's get started with some League of Legends cheese. As you enter lane at level 1 and watch as the opposing minions enter your sight, don't attack them right away. No, get their attention and pull all the aggro onto yourself. This means that the opposing minions will stack in one spot and target your first minion. 

This means your minion will die a lot faster. RIP Minion, but good for you! Because your enemy won't be getting any experience from that minion. So this also means you get to level up quicker than them and you'll get to level 2 and 3 faster and you can roll over the enemies like a well-riped Gouda. Just watch the video below for clarification:

2. The Raclette-Redbuff Invade

There are a few cheese-strats that you've probably seen quite a few times already, but somehow never work out in your own Solo Queue games. One of those is called the 'late-invade' and it works a little something like this: 

  1. Assemble your team at around 1:25 around the bot lane pixel brush.
  2. Stay still and don't make any noise. Don't even emote! Oh, and someone should have a sweeper. 
  3. Once the clock hits 1:25 run into the enemy jungle and shoot the sh*t there.

This is the classic Blitzcrank-Invade. With his long reach you're able to hook in your opponent and get their buff, meaning they're going to be playing catch-up the rest of the game, while you happily make your way back to lane, full and sated. League of Legends cheese strat #2 was a success. 

3. Pizza cheese-Proxy Farming

You've all experienced this and you've hated it. It burns behind the eyes and the stink is almost unbearable... it's proxy-farming in League of Legends, probably one of the oldest cheese strats in the game. To put it bluntly, it's when you kill minions between the opposing T1 and T2 tower while they're still walking up the lane

And well, these days this cheese strategy basically only works with Singed, but it's extremely fun. Here are some things you need to watch out for though when you're trying to create this cheese in his chem lab:

  • This pick makes the most sense when your opposing champion doesn't have good waveclear.
  • Always take Ghost as one of your Summoner Spells. As a second spell pick Exhaust or Flash. 
  • Try to keep an eye on the minimap. Where is the opposing jungler? Can he thwart our plans?

You might have to practice a little bit, but with those tips, you'll be able to escape your enemies with ease. Sure, they might chase you like the English chase cheese – a reference to the video on top – and you might even die sometimes – not a reference to the video on top. But Proxy Singed is so much fun and no one is going to expect these types of cheese strategies from you in 2021. 


If you've made it this far and haven't pulled out your hair due to our many cheese comments, then respect brother. So to reward you for your endurance, we present you the League of Legends bonus cheese: Tiltsiter-Teemo. 

If you're on red side, pick Teemo support, take TP. After the first minute teleport into the bot lane and then run to the bush by the Krugs. Become invisible, wait for the weakened jungler who will have Red Buff and level 2. With the right timing, you'll get a kill and the satisfaction of tilting the opponent. 

The guides, the videos, the lore, it's all here! EarlyGame will make you Challenger!

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