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Who are the next champions Riot is releasing for LoL?

LoL: Champion Roadmap for 2021

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Gwen new LoL Champ Patch 11.8
Gwen is the next champion we know of, but who comes after her? (Credit: Riot Games)

League of Legends has over 150 champions in the game and more are being added each year. In 2020, the developers managed to achieve their goal of creating 6 new playable champions, and they set the same goal for 2021. Two champions are already known, Gwen and Viego, but who else is coming to League of Legends in 2021?

Riot has already hinted at a few new champions who will be joining players on Summoner’s Rift quite soon. One thing we know for sure, is that they will all be related to the Ruined King and the lore in some way, shape or form

When is the next LoL champion being released?

As mentioned above, the next LoL champion players get to experience, is Gwen, an AP Top Laner, who will be released with LoL Patch 11.8. She wields her scissors in the top lane and uses them along with a thread and needle to string her opponents up.

She is a doll who is infused with a fragment of Isolde, Viego’s wife, hence, why she fits into the lore of the Ruined King. She was created by Isolde who was a seamstress. Early on, many believed that this champion would be the ruined King’s wife. In a way, she has a part of her inside her, but she isn’t the character we thought she would be.

When will Isolde be released in LoL?

Until now, there is no set release date for her, but most likely, Isolde will be coming later on in 2021. She will probably be one of the last champions of the year to be released. It would make sense if 2021 started off with Viego and would end with Isolde.

Another theory could be, that her release coincides with the release of Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, which has been pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This would create even more hype for the champion, if she were to be released with the upcoming turn-based RPG.

Who is the next champion in LoL – after Gwen?

The next LoL champion after Gwen is a gloomy artillery mage, who is tired of all the dashes and activity on the rift. We know that she is a Yordle who ran away from Bandle City, since she couldn’t handle the happy-go-lucky attitude of the magical Yordle’s.

In the Wild Rift Yordle teaser, there are a few little details that could point to the Yordle and who they are. In a few frames, we can see a drawing of a person and a cat. Since there is only one cat champion, we figure that this is Yuumi and the person beside the cat is most likely her owner, Norra.

Norra is a Yordle who went missing and is one of the few other Yordle’s we know of from previous lore. It would make sense for Riot to add in champions from lore we already know, rather than create whole new characters.

How does this fit into the lore of the Ruined King, though? Well, there is also a drawing of Viego which can be seen, as well as some sketches of some unknown architecture that could represent the Blessed Isles, meaning, that Norra and the Yordles could in some way be related to Viego. 

What other Champions are coming to League of Legends in 2021?

Another big hint that we got, is for the fourth champion of 2021, who is going to be a Sentinel of Light. This was done, by showing an image of a large flag with the crest of the Light Sentinels on it. This champion is set to play a non-traditional position, much like Senna.

It also seems like this champion might be from Shurima, with the image giving off Shurima-vibes. But there isn’t much information out there on this champion just yet, so we will have to be a bit more patient.

In some way, all of these champions are connected to the story of the Ruined King. Creating champions with interesting lore is a strength of League of Legends and having it all fit together with champion releases, makes it all the more interesting.

So who else is excited to see if their guesses for the next champions are correct?

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