LoL: Champion Roadmap for 2022

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Do we already know which champions will be coming in 2022? Let's go over the champion roadmap for Season 12 of League of Legends.
Champion Roadmap 2022
Who is the next champion? | © Riot Games

In 2021, we got a total of 4 champions. Each one of them played a part in the canon League of Legends lore surrounding Senna, Lucian and Viego. The Sentinels Event was a huge part of 2021 and the champions released played an important role throughout it.

So, what have we got in store for 2022? Well, a few champions are already known, or at least… we’ve got breadcrumb trails we get to follow to find out who they are and what their possible abilities might be. So, let’s check out the champion roadmap for 2022!

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LoL Champion Roadmap: How Many Champions Will Be Released in 2022?

According to the September champion roadmap, we might be getting one extra champion in 2022. So if Riot wants to bring out 6 champions like in 2020 – with one for each role and mid lane getting 2 champions – then we might be looking at a whopping 7 champion releases in 2022!

Why is Riot thinking of releasing one extra champion in 2022? Well, the next champion was supposed to release in 2021. According to the champion roadmap, though, this champion does not fit into the end-of-the-year event Riot has planned and will therefore be pushed back to early 2022.

So expect the next champion to come out in January 2022! This gives you plenty of time to get adjusted to Vex and continue to gripe about Akshan.

Who is the Next League of Legends Champion?

The next League of Legends champion is going to be an ADC who is likely from Piltover and Zaun. In the September champion roadmap, we got to see some blueprints, which is an indicator that they are from Piltover and someone who likes to tinker and build things – something very common for the region.

On the image of the September roadmap, in the bottom right corner, a small doodle of Blitzcrank can also be seen. Does this mean this champion is related to Viktor and Blitz in some way? Is it Viktor who built the machine gun the champion uses?

Fans had believed that this champion could be one of the Firelights from the Netflix series Arcane, but Reav3 recently stated on Reddit that the upcoming champion will not be someone from the Arcane.

What Abilities will the Next Champion Have?

The abilities of the next champion aren't known yet. What we do know, though, is that they are going to have a unique way of auto-attacking. In the champion roadmap, Reave3 explains that they wanted to create a champion with a unique auto-attack mechanic, like Xayah or Jhin.

Stating that the champion plays at a ‘machine gun pace’ could indicate that the champion will be using a machine gun. Also, many electricity references and puns are used, so they might have to charge up their auto attacks – like a movement-charged auto with Statikk Shiv.

The fact that it was also written that the champion is going to have a feeling of a top-down shooter could mean that some aiming mechanics are unique from other champions in League of Legends as well.

Who is the Second Champion in 2022?

The second champion of 2022 is going to be a support champion. They will also be a part of Piltover and Zaun – a theme that will likely continue to follow throughout all champion releases of 2022.

Since it was revealed that the support and ADC champion are not from Arcane, fans are convinced that the support is going to be a chem baron like Corina Veraza from Legends of Runeterra?

They will likely have abilities that can either turn the opposing support against their own team or create a form of friendly fire which will injure champions. Money seems to play another huge role for this support champion in 2022, so they might gain extra gold as well.

Is Faey Coming to League of Legends in 2022?

Last year, Riot released a short story about a young girl named Faey. This was right before Lillia and Yone were released, so fans thought either of those champions might be Faey, who has ties to Akali and is from Ionia.

That never happened, but fans continue to believe that Faey is coming to Summoner’s Rift. Through a leak, fans found out that Faey is likely going to be the next champion after Vex. With the newest champion roadmap, these theories have also been crushed, though.

So this begs the question; when is Faey going to be a champion in League of Legends and is she even ever going to be one or stay a character from a League of Legends short story?

When Will the Next Champion be Released?

As mentioned, the next League of Legends champion is going to be the electrifying champion, coming early in 2022. This means their release date should be around January. Hopefully, we get more information on their release soon!