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A fan wants to change the way we select champions

League of Legends: Champion Select 2.0

League of Legends
LoL Champion Selection 2.0
One can dream... | © Zendru/Reddit

Reddit is a place where you can find just about anything. And user u/Zendruuu shows that this really is true. He loves League of Legends, but Solo Queue isn't the kindest, which every League of Legends player knows. Therefore, he tried to create a better champion select to make League of Legends a little more bearable. 

He created the champion select 2.0, which is a new version of the champ select we know and love to hate. Everything you need to know about this fan-made champion selection is right here! Maybe Riot will see it and make a few quality of life changes?

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The New Champion Select 2.0 Can Do Everything

In a Reddit post, u/Zendruuu explains – with pictures – what he would change in the League of Legends client. It starts with the lobby screen, where he would add in a little window in which players can see who your favorite champion is. This can save you some headaches when your teammates banned your main without asking. 

LoL new Lobby Zendru Reddit
Come on Riot! There is enough space under the icon! | © Zendru/Reddit

But that isn't everything. Hold on tight, because there is more to come! 

New Champion Selection by Zendru: Buy, Trade and Kick

Quite a few changes would be done to the draft phase of League of Legends if it were up to u/Zendruuu. First of all, adding a buy option into the champion select would be key. We've all experienced it before, we want to trade champions with our teammates, but can't because we don't own them. Then the whole draft just goes to hell, and you end up with Lulu in the jungle or Yuumi in the top lane... gg ez.

LoL Champion Select 2.0 Zendru
What else do we need other than a buy option? | © Zendru/Reddit

What else can we see? Well, u/Zendruuu also added in some visuals where your teammates can see your two preferred roles. Not to mention, everyone's Summoner Name is anonymous. The anonymity is great since you won't be able to tell whether the feeder from the previous game got paired with you this time around as well. That way you won't get tilted right in champion select and can at least wait until you're loading into the game. 

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The Best Features of the New Champion Selection by u/Zendruuu

The best feature of all this? The fact that you can exchange positions. If you know you're good and can win in any situation, just let yourself be the first pick of the whole draft. This will make the whole dilemma of swapping champions much easier as well. 

Also, if you were auto-filled jungle, have never played a single second of jungle though, and you know you're just going to be feeding the enemy team, then let your teammates know to start the kick-vote right away in champion selection already. Either you get a new jungler added and the one who was auto-filled kicked, or you get put into the top of the queue to start a new game once more. 

If you're curious how this all works, just watch this video, which explains the whole process in detail:

These ideas to better the champion selection process are quite something. We can't believe how much stuff the community can come up with, but we hope that Riot can take a few pointers and maybe, for League of Legends Season 12, we can have some of these ideas implemented into the LoL client. 

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