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Which Team will be #2? Since we can all guess #1 already.

LEC: The EarlyGame Power Picks for Spring 2021 are Ready!

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The LEC is back! (Image Credit: Riot Games)

The long wait is over. Some regions are already enjoying some form of competition, like the LCK and LPL already starting their splits and North Americans getting a sweet taste of their new rosters in the ‘Lock In’ tournament. Fans of the LEC though had to make do with a few hype videos, while waiting for the action to start.

But fear not, it’s finally back: The LEC will be kicking off tonight, January 22nd, at 18:00 CET with G2 against the Mad Lions. Two teams which both made it to the 2020 World Championship last year.

To start the season off, we decided to take a look at our own power rankings and which teams we think will dominate the 2021 Spring Split.

The Bottomfeeders

10. Astralis - Formerly known as Origen, Astralis had a star-studded roster last year and placed dead last. This year, with some monetary cut-backs they have a far weaker roster and therefore we do not see this team improve from the disastrous summer of 2020.

9. Excel - Yes, Excel improved in 2021, but so did everyone else. They’ve been a low/mid-level team and even a rebrand can’t change the fact that they’re still just that. They picked up some impressive rookies like Czekolad and Dan, but they will probably have to adjust to the LEC.

8. SK Gaming - SK Gaming has decided on a very young and new roster which is rather unproven. Will they be able to step up or will they fall flat due to nerves? We’ll have to wait to find out and hope that Treatz and Jenax, the two veteran voices on the team, can lead these youngsters.

The Middle of the Pack

7. Vitality - Vitality is bringing with them most of the squad from Summer 2020, with a single change of adding rookie Szygenda to the roster. If the team is able to stay consistent, they have a chance of making it higher than 7th, but they’ll have to do just that – be consistent.

6. Misfits - Will Misfits be able to climb the ranks with Deficio behind the wheel? Well, looking at the roster maybe, maybe not. It all depends on team play. Misfits have opted for a filled roster wherein players compete for the starting spot. Hopefully, this won’t lead to selfish players playing for themselves rather than the team.

5. Schalke 04 - The miracle story of Summer 2020 is back. God Gilius is back and even got reinforcement with BrokenBlade coming over from TSM. So while the top half of the map is looking good, the question mark pings go down in the bot lane, who will either make or break Schalke this spring.

The Top Contenders

4. MAD Lions - This team was already amazing last season and with the addition of Armut and Elyoya is looking even scarier. Last year, this team was young and inexperienced, but thanks to the Worlds loss we believe that this team has grown and will be even better in 2021.

3. Rogue - Rogue was already a strong team last year and they upgraded their weakest position: the top lane. They picked up Odoamne, which makes them one scary team to play against this year. They’ve got experience, skill and one of the best ADCs in Europe.

2. Fnatic - Nisqy is back in Europe after being the mid laner for C9 these last few years. We count this as an upgrade over Nemesis and believe that with Nisqy at the helm, Fnatic will be able to rise once more, even with the loss of Rekkles to G2. They did pick up Upset, who is one of the top 3 bot laners in the LEC.

1. G2 - G2 picked up Rekkles in the offseason and are ready to take the LEC by storm once more. The rest of the team has played together for years which gives them the advantage over other, newer teams that are still building chemistry. This star-studded roster will likely breeze through the LEC once more this split.

What do you think of the LEC teams this year? Let us know on Twitter and Discord!

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