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Who will be crowned the LEC Champion?

LEC Playoff Format Explained

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LEC Playoffs
The LEC playoffs are set to take place this weekend! (Credit: Riot Games)

Tonight, the LEC playoffs are going to kick off with Fnatic facing off against SK Gaming in the lower bracket, while two more games are set to follow Saturday and Sunday. Who will come out victorious in these best-of-five games?

Who Is Competing in the LEC Playoffs?

The playoffs will feature the top 6 teams of the regular season. SK Gaming managed to squeeze into the final spot, while Fnatic and Schalke 04 were tied for fourth. The third seed went to the Mad Lions and the runners-up were Rogue. Does anyone want to guess who got the top spot? Of course, G2.

When Are the LEC Playoff Games?

The bottom two teams, SK Gaming and Fnatic will be playing tonight at 18:00 CET in the lower bracket, any loss will be the end of their playoff run. The winner tonight will move onto the next round next weekend.

Saturday will feature Schalke 04 and G2 facing off in an exciting match. G2 has always been the favorite, their dominance uncontested in recent times, but Schalke is that team that always seems to be able to squeeze out an upset win. The game is set to start at 17:00 CET tomorrow.

Sunday, the final day of the first round will feature the Mad Lions going up against Rogue. Both teams are experienced, and it is hard to tell who will be moving forward in the winners' bracket, but it is set to be a great match. Tune in at around 17:00 CET on Sunday to watch.

What Happens to the Losers?

As mentioned, those who lose in the lower bracket are out of contention for the LEC trophy, while those in the upper bracket – so the top four teams – will get a second life. They fall into the lower bracket, facing off whichever team won the first round.

So even if G2 happens to blunder the series against Schalke, there is still hope for them, since they would face off against the winning team in the lower bracket. The same can be said for the Mad Lions, Schalke or Rogue, who all have a chance to move on even after a loss in the first round.

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