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The Spring Split will kick off this Friday

The LEC Is Ready: 2021 Spring Split Starts Friday!

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The 2021 Season is about to start! (Credit: Riot Games)

The countdown has started for European League of Legends fans. This Friday at 18:00 CET the 2021 LEC Spring Split is set to kick off with Rekkles making his G2 debut against the Mad Lions.

Of course, every broadcast also needs to have the on-air talent and yesterday the LEC announced their lineup of casters who will help voice the action on screen for viewers at home.

We’ve got the usual European casters like Quickshot, Vedius, and Medic, as well as Sjokz, Ender, and Drakos. Thanks to their voices and their talent, the LEC has grown into one of the most viewed esports Leagues.

Laure will once again be part of the broadcast as well, having grown tremendously over the last few years. Her interviewing skills have gotten better, and we’re excited to see how she will improve in the coming year.

One face missing from the broadcast this year will be Frosk, who had been part of the LEC for the last two years and helped shape the rebrand into the success it has become. She stated in a tweet that she would not be returning this year to be part of the broadcasting team.

In her stead, fans will get to see Foxdrop and Caedrel. The latter of the two showed off his casting and analytical skill during the 2020 World Championship, which will make the transition from player to on-air talent smooth.

Along with the casters, a lot of brands have also re-signed with the LEC, such as KIA being the automotive partner for the third year in a row, as well as other brands such as Warner Music, Alienware, Beko and Red Bull.

Get ready for this Friday, when the action finally starts once more. With an evening filled with exciting games. The action is set to start off at 18:00 CET and will be broadcast on Twitch over the LEC official channel.

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