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Viego has been leaked as League’s new Champion

League of Legends Meets Ruined King in Latest Leaks

League of Legends

Recent rumors suggest that the Ruined King, or Viego, could be making his way into League of Legends. Nothing is confirmed yet, but the leak looks pretty convincing, and we are pretty pleased by the idea. The Ruined King would be a pretty cool addition to League of Legends, and we are keen to know how he might play.

PixelButts might have a bizarre name (or a really small arse?), but his / her leaks are quite the opposite of bizarre. The Twitter user has apparently found PBE files that were allegedly pushed through accidentally, and which are not currently live. Could this be League of Legends' latest champion?

In the series of Tweets, SmallButts... oh, sorry, Pixelbutts (synonym?) supplied a whole bunch of interesting content, including a visualization of the potential character, and a 50-second video showing the animations playing. It’s pretty exciting for all of us LoL fans out there, though we do question the name ‘Viego’, which is suggested by the file’s name.

The guy's the Ruined King, so there’s no need to change the name. But, whatever. This looks super dope! Check out his sword, and that cool ‘wraith’ mask.

The splash art is a tad odd, but we love it anyway. We are curious to see if this all turns out swell, or perhaps we’ve been bamboozled again?

As new champions slowly trickle into the juggernaut title from Riot Games, we think that it is this is all quite likely to be legit, as Riot is due for a live stream today! This could definitely be real, and would be a pretty nice addition to League. What more could we ask for, really?

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So, stay tuned for today's Riot Games' stream, there’s a lot to be excited about! Try not to be too disappointed if we’re wrong, but – let's be real – we're probably not...

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