LoL: Jarvan IV Champion Build Guide

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In this champion build guide, we're going to be taking a look at Jarvan IV and what makes him one of the best junglers in the game. We go over his strengths and check out how to build this champ to get the most out of his kit.
Jarvan Champion Build Guide
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Two main reasons to pick Jarvan IV in the jungle is his ability to crowd control and to set up ganks. Another reason to pick him, is his ability to pick off single squishy targets with his ultimate. He's got mobility and is a team player who is able to give his team some added attack speed. Thanks to his last buffs, he's also at a 52% win rate, making him an ideal jungle pick in the current meta.

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Jarvan IV Build: Runes and Items

Jarvan IV Build: Runes

Every Jarvan build should start with Conqueror. He's an insane dueling champion who loves to go in 1v1 against other champions. Alongside Conqueror, pick up Triumph to live through any and all tower dives. Legend: Alacrity is perfect for extra attack speed and a better jungle clear, and Coup de Grace let's Jarvan kill low health enemies even quicker.

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In the second tree, you should pick Sudden Impact, which will increase your damage after using his E-Q combo. Relentless Hunter gives Jarvan even more movement speed, making him even more mobile.

Jarvan IV Build: Items

Currently, every single AD Jungler should pick Goredrinker. The item is just too good. The item gives added clear speed, and you get a heal thanks to the item's active. Oh, and the mythic passive is also great, since it'll let you spam Jarvan's E-Q combo more often!

Sterak's Gage is going to be your second item and helps you sustain through risky engages. With Black Cleaver, you'll also be able to shred through any tanks that are in your way. Don't forget to pick up GA, since you'll probably dive pretty deep into enemy territory.

If you're up against a lot of AD opponents, then Death's Dance will give you more sustain and damage, while you might need Spirit Visage against AP heavy teams.

Jarvan IV Guide: Early Game

Okay guys, listen up and follow the steps of this Jarvan IV Guide: You'll want to gank as soon as possible! Once you hit level 2, and you've got your E-Q combo unlocked, it's time to start roaming into lanes. You don't need to full clear your jungle to get your lanes ahead! Once you've cleared top or bottom half of the jungle, it's gank time! Oh, and thanks to your E-Q combo, you can also escape in case the opposing jungler tries to fight you.

Don't forget to utilize Jarvan's passive. Each time you hit a jungle monster, hit a different one, so you deal extra damage, and therefore, have a better clear!

Jarvan IV Guide: Mid Game

You thought you were a gank machine before level 6? That was just you warming up, because once Jarvan has his ultimate, it's game over. Thanks to the E-Q-ultimate combo, you will be able to gank the bot lane with ease. You can also use your W to give your ADC attack speed and bam! They have a double kill.

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So, if you pick Jarvan, you'll want to jump into the enemy back line as much as possible. With the sustain of Goredrinker, you'll stay safe for longer and your ADC can dish out the pain while the enemies are stuck in Jarvan's ultimate. Perfect combo right there.

Jarvan IV Guide: Late Game

Jarvan falls off in the late game and doesn't do as much damage anymore. He doesn't get as many kills either due to this. So once you hit the late game, it's time to shift gears and become your team's main tank. Make sure to utilize his CC abilities as much as possible to aid your team in fights. Jump on the opposing ADC, force a flash, heal, or get an assist on a kill.

Jarvan IV Guide Tip: When fighting over an objective, use your flag as a ward, since it gives you vision. You'll be able to check brushes, the drake, or baron from a safe distance.

Jarvan IV Guide: Good and Bad Matchups

Jarvan is every immobile champion's worst enemy. Annie, Aphelios, Jhin, all of them will have to blow their flash to get away from Jarvan IV and his flag and drag.

Champions like Xin Zhao or Amumu can easily escape Jarvan's ultimate, making them difficult to deal with for the jungle champion. Both are pretty strong in the current meta, so make sure to ban either of them when you want to play Jarvan.

It's time for you guys to log on, play some solo queue and test out all the tips and tricks you learned in our Jarvan IV Build Guide. Also, check out his Worlds 2021 skin.

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