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A Towering 60cm

LoL Champion Irelia to Get Limited Edition $1,000 Figure

League of Legends
Irelia Divine Sword Statue
Irelia gets the real-life treatment! (Image Credit: Infinity Studio)

Are you an Irelia main? Do you love LoL so much that a 60cm anime style figure of Irelia is exactly what your bookshelf or desk needs? Well, today we have exactly what you need.

For the low price of $1050 dollars, Infinity Studios via the Speculative Fiction Collections shop has the hook up on this limited edition League of Legends Irelia ¼ Scale Statue. LoL’s Irelia is sporting the Divine Sword skin and the figure stands over 60cm tall. Check out a side by side of the in-game skin and the figure.

LoL Champion Irelia Divine Sword
In-game vs Real-life (Image Credit: Riot Games / Infinity Studio)

Well very expensive at first glance it is actually on par with other high-res figures and since it’s limited edition collectors can expect its value to rise after sales of the figure are closed. If your serious about buying the figure here is a front and back of it for you to consider.

LoL Champion Irelia Divine Sword Statue
Irelia Statue Front-side (Image Credit: Infinity Studio)
LoL Champion Irelia Divine Sword Statue
Irelia Statue Back-side (Image Credit: Infinity Studio)

We have to admit the figure is stunning and must be next-level when seen in person. A 60cm Divine Sword Irelia would make the perfect backdrop for your streaming set up and a great conversation piece for your gaming friends to gush over. If you got the extra cash to burn this is not a bad place to do it.

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