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LoL Pre-Season: A Guide to Assassin and ADC Mythic Items

League of Legends
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Do you enjoy playing Assassins and ADCs? Well, we've got the items for you! (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Pre-Season is underway. So many new changes and items, some the same, some completely new. Shiny and flashy new icons which are impossible to distinguish from one another have also hit the rift. We want to make your struggle a little bit easier and think that getting to know some of the mythic items, a whole new function to the game, could be a big help.

If you enjoy playing Assassins, then keep reading, since we’re going to take a deep dive into the new items which were specially designed to aid you on your quest to come out of the shadows to eliminate the enemy squishies. Bye-bye Ashe, Miss Fortune and Samira!

And further down we've also got the info on how to take your revenge as an ADC and which items Riot made just for you!

Assassin Mythic Items

So which shiny new mythic items have we got for you? Well, let’s start off with Duskblade of Draktharr.


Duskblade can be pretty insane if you think about it (Image Credit: imgflip)

This item will give your champion AD, Lethality as well as Ability Haste. Attacking enemies will let you deal extra damage and you’ll even be able to slow opponents. Sounds pretty bad if you’re an immobile Ashe trying to farm up in bot and then an enemy Zed comes out of fog-of-war, right? Well, this isn’t all that the blade offers. Oh no. There is an even crazier added bonus!

If within 3 seconds of damaging the opponent, the enemy dies, your cooldown will be refreshed and you’ll go invisible. This is just ridiculous, but it’s true. Now imagine Pyke, the bloodthirsty support, going in for a kill, damaging opponents with his ultimate? He can just stay invisible all game long!

Wait thats illegal meme 1

Are these items even legal? (Image Credit:

What other items are there though? Eclipse is also on our list. This item has even gotten a hotfix nerf and is on the list for Patch 10.24 as well. This item is just insane, since dealing damage from two different sources – easy you can do this by using two abilities, an attack or an ability – and you’ll deal extra damage and you’ll also gain a shield and movement speed.

What? Is this even legal? Looking at these stats it makes sense why this item has gotten so many nerfs in such quick succession. Get this item onto champions like Kled, Camille and Renekton and you’re going to have it easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

Prowler’s Claw has been the item that was left in the dust when it came to Assassin Mythic items. Duskblade and Eclipse just have far too much value. Hence why it’s getting a slight buff in the upcoming Patch 10.24.

The item gives you a dash which lets you go through opponents and deal bonus damage. Three seconds after the dash you’ll also continue to dish out some more damage as well. This way you can hone in on one target and eliminate them off the map. Get this item onto champions like Kayn or Pantheon. They’ll thank you

ADC Mythic Items


But who are we kidding... Immortal Shieldbow is the only ADC item we need! (Image Credit: imgflip)

Who do these items work perfectly against? None other than Marksmen! Marksmen seem to have drawn the short end of the stick when it comes to their items. There are also three to choose from in this category.

First off we have Kraken Slayer, an item that will receive a buff on the upcoming Patch 10.24. This is a very straightforward item, which gives you added crit, AD as well as attack speed. And of course, added burst damage after every third hit. Jhin and Vayne say thank you!

Another mythic ADC item is Immortal Shieldbow, which has been the most popular thus far. Thanks to the extra life-steal the item gives, as well as the shield if you fall below 30% health, you’ll be able to sustain through any teamfight. Pretty great for all-in champions like Yone or Yasuo!

Lastly, we’ve got Galeforce on our list. This item addresses the one thing a lot of ADCs lack. Mobility. Thanks to the added movement speed as well as a built-in dash. The added crit sounds good too right? Well, build this bad boy onto champions like Xayah or Kai’Sa and watch the magic happen. As in, the magic of deleting your enemies!

So there you have it, a short guide into some of the new Mythic items which we get to use on the rift. We hope it helped and if you want to visualize it all as well. Don’t worry we’ve also got videos on all mythic items on our Video Page… click it… you know you want to!

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