How to Get the Free Urfwick Skin

League of Legends -
Thanks to the Essence Emporium Sale you can pick up a free Urfwick skin this week.
Urfwick Skin
This skin could be yours... for free! | © Riot Games

You’re sick and tired of spending your RP? You think Riot should give you a god damn skin for free every once in a while? Well, what if we told you that they actually do, you just didn’t know about it?

Yes, you read that right you have the opportunity to get free skins at least two times a year – if you don’t want to craft skins with orange essence that is. So, today we’re going to talk about the Essence Emporium sale that Riot puts on two times a year.

What is Essence Emporium?

As mentioned above, Essence Emporium is a sale in your League of Legends shop that only takes place two times a year. You can spend your hard-earned blue essence instead of Riot Points for a few select items.

What Items Are on Sale during Essence Emporium?

Players will be able to spend 2,500 blue essence on the Bandle City Mystery Mini Icon Box or the Piltover & Zaun Mystery Mini Icon Box. Those aren’t the only things you can get for free though.

You can also spend 50,000 or 75,000 blue essence for Emporium-specific emotes that are also available through the sale.

But icons and emotes aren’t the only thing on sale. There are over 100 chromas also available. Some of the chromas you can pick up for 2,000 blue essence date back to 2015 all the way to skins released in 2021.

Free Warwick Skin Available

Of course, if you haven't spent any blue essence over the last few months and have really saved up your blue essence you can go completely ham and pick up a free Warwick skin. Which Warwick skin is decided by Riot.

You can pick up the Urfwick skin, which is one of the rarest ones he’s got – other than Grey Warwick – for 150,000 blue essence. So, if you want a unique and rare skin and have way too much blue essence left over? Make sure to pick up the free Urfwick skin in the League of Legends client shop.

Until When is the Essence Emporium Sale?

The sale will end on December 1, 2021. This means you’ve got about 10 days to save up a bit more blue essence in case you want any of the free chromas, icons or even the Urfwick skin. Have fun testing out the pre-season with the new keystones, bounty system and items!