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DEMACIA!! The 5 Best URF Champions to Annoy Opponents!

League of Legends

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Ultra Rapid Fire Mode. It was introduced to League of Legends back in 2014 on April Fools day. Sometimes Riot graces us with this game mode "just for fun" and for the 2020 World Championship, it is back in the client. Fans get to experience the 80% reduced cooldown and constant mana flow once more. But which champions are the best when it comes to URF? We decided to take a deep dive and look for the five most annoying and most fun to play champions, so you can truly get the best out of this limited game mode.

Along with Ultra Rapid Fire Mode, better known as URF, Riot sometimes also brings out other fun game modes. They also created another URF mode which is less popular called ARURF – All Random Ultra Rapid Fire – which goes by the same principle, but players are not able to choose their own champions but get assigned a random champion.

This is the same concept as is with ARAM, which is a constant game mode in the League of Legends client. ARAM – All Random All Mid – has its own map, the Howling Abyss, wherein there is only one lane that all players get to play on. This was originally released in 2012,

Fans truly enjoy URF mode and take advantage of the mode while it is available since nobody truly knows when it will be available once again.

League of Legends is a Mobile Online Battle Arena and was released in 2009 by Riot Games. The game has since gone on to become one of the largest online games with over 11 Million players. It also has some of the biggest esports events, such as the World Championship, Mid-Season Invitational, and even a yearly All-Star event.

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