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CLG LoL Players Told They'll Lose Their Jobs in Live Video

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CLG LoL Players Told They'll Lose Their Jobs in Live Video
What's in CLG's LoL future? | © CLG

Roster changes aren't something unusual in esports, especially when lacking results. Despite that, CLG managed to shock the world with a Bud Light sponsored video, where the League of Legends general manager of the team told players they'll soon lose their jobs.

Riot Games hold first place in the MOBA department with their undisputed hit League of Legends. The game is played all over the world and the competitive scene can be quite fierce. The dominant teams in LoL esports are celebrated, while those that fail to show consistency have to make some roster changes. This seems to be the case with Counter Logic Gaming, more commonly known as CLG. The team suffered a series of losses, which spelled some upcoming changes to the team. For some unknown reason, CLG decided to make the bad news public in a sponsored Bud Light video.

CLG Players Told They'll Lose Their Jobs in Live Video

Let's start by saying that CLG are currently in bad shape. There's no arguing about that. The team is in the last place in the LCS standings, and they're also last in the currently ongoing Summer Championship. Sure, the team needs to make some changes, but did the whole world have to see this? Like... telling CLG Players they'd lose their jobs? Apparently, yes. At least according to CLG. The organization posted a video on social media, which was heavily criticized by the community. In just a few hours, CLG decided to take the video down and deleted it. Thankfully, the internet is a magical place, and you can still see it.

It's hard to tell what exactly CLG were thinking when posting the video, but the backlash was severe. Many esports personalities left a comment under the original post, all claiming that sharing this video was a bad idea for everyone involved.

An official statement from CLG followed shortly:

This morning we published a short post-game video giving a look behind the scenes of our current season. Our goal was to share an authentic moment with our fans and be as transparent as possible leading up to potential changes that may occur this week. We recognize the negative light that it brings to our players, and for that we apologize and have taken down the video.

Many fans lost a lot of respect for CLG after the event, while others commended them for their transparency. Do you think CLG's video was a bit too much? Are people just getting too sensitive? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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