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Who will dominate the top lane and help their team to victory?

Best Top Laners in LoL Patch 11.9

League of Legends
Wukong best Top Laners in LoL Patch 11.9
Will Wukong and Garen dominate the Top Lane in LoL Patch 11.9? (Credit: Riot Games)

This patch most of the focus was to even out the playing field in pro-play since LoL Patch 11.9 will be the patch that is used for the Mid-Season Invitational which starts next week. Therefore, your solo queue games might not be as affected by the changes. But enough of that, let's get down to the nitty-gritty details of the best top laners in LoL Patch 11.9!

In this LoL tier list, we'll show you the best champions for each lane. We especially focus on win rate and the carry potential because you often have to carry your teammates in any given game. Today, we will look at the top lane.

Who Are the Best Top Laners in LoL Patch 11.9?

Best Top Laners in LoL Patch 11.9: No. 5 – Ornn

Best Top Laners LoL Patch 11.9 Ornn
Elderwood Ornn is a truly beautiful skin... hopefully we get to see it at MSI (Credit: Riot Games)

Ornn has amazing scaling thanks to his passive, meaning late-game Ornn is unbeatable. Not to mention, slapping a mere Bramble Vest on him means he won’t get killed… ever. Add in a Bami’s Cinder and the newly buffed Sunfire Aegis, and you’ll be fine no matter what comes at you in lane.

Best Top Laners in LoL Patch 11.9: No. 4 – Kled

Best Top Laners LoL Patch 11.9 kled
Look at this... who would have thought Kled would be here? (Credit: Riot Games)

The Death’s Dance buff as well as his synergy with Sunfire Aegis have catapulted Kled onto our list in LoL Patch 11.9. That extra armor and AD is great for Kled in lane. His split push is thriving. Not to mention: when he has Sterak’s Gage and Gargoyle Stoneplate, Kled becomes unstoppable.

Best Top Laners in LoL Patch 11.9: No. 3 – Urgot

Best Top Laners LoL Patch 11.9 Urgot
Urgot will butcher the competition in LoL Patch 11.9 (Credit: Riot Games)

Bruisers are everywhere thanks to the Death’s Dance buff and Urgot is one of them. His W on-hit damage is his bread and butter and Riot hasn’t decided to nerf this just yet, which continues to make him one of the best top laners in the current meta. Even after the Titanic Hydra nerfs in LoL Patch 11.8.

Best Top Laners in LoL Patch 11.9: No. 2 – Wukong

Best Top Laners LoL Patch 11.9 wukong
Wukong continues to be a top pick in the top lane (Credit: Riot Games)

Wukong is another bruiser who is able to really abuse that Death’s Dance buff from LoL Patch 11.9. What sets him apart from other bruiser champions though, is that he was already extremely strong before these buffs, which makes him all the more dangerous.

His passive gives him gratuitous amounts of tankiness, his W has a built-in dash and his E has another dash, as well as some added attack speed. That just means that he can stack Conqueror all the faster. So his innate kit alone is insane and the buffs to his items sure don’t help reel him in.

Best Top Laners in LoL Patch 11.9: No. 1 – Camille

Camille Best Top Laners in LoL Patch 11.9
Camille is where she belongs (Credit: Riot Games)

If you’re looking for the ultimate killer in the top lane, then look no further than Camile. A single hit from a basic ability can knock out squishy opponents, not to mention how hard she is to take down in later stages of the game and well… the Death’s Dance buff – how often have we mentioned this already – isn’t too shabby either.

She has everything in her kit to make her the perfect killer on the rift. She is hard to take down thanks to the sustain in her W, and she is able to get out of sticky situations with her E. Not to mention all the bonus damage she deals. Nobody can stop Camille in LoL Patch 11.9.

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