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The Best TFT Comps (UPDATED)

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Best TFT Comps Xayah
Executioner Xayah is a force to be reckoned with (Image Credit: Riot Games)

The current TFT meta is rather broad, with multiple comps strong enough to get players the W they’ve been craving. There are high roll and low roll comps as well as some of our old favourites who are taking over the current TFT meta.

With so many consistent and good comps, which are the best though? We’ve compiled a list of our favourite and best TFT comps in the current game state and which we believe will easily get you into a top 4 finish to get some XP.

Divine Kayle

Best TFT Comps Kayle
Kayle will be the main carry of this composition (Image Credit: Riot Games)

For this comp, the best chosen would definitely be Executioner, which means you’ll have to be patient early on, while everyone else has their chosen already since the Executioner champions only come in the later stages of the game. But patience will yield results with this comp.

Your main carry will definitely be Kayle. Put her in the backline, add some protectors around her and watch as she shreds through her opponents’ thanks to Rapid Firecannon and Rageblade. In the frontline put Irelia, since this comp is lacking in tanks. Since you won’t have many tanks, try to get Shen as well so you can slow enemies down thanks to the Adept buff. Then, watch as Kayle easily destroys the opponents.

8 Brawler

Best TFT Comps Sett
Brawlers feels great to play but horrible to go up against. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

This is a total cheese strat that I’ve been destroyed by countless times. This strat is so infuriating since you’re basically fighting against 8 unbeatable beefcakes who seem to just gobble you up at any chance. Shyvanna and Nunu will be the main damage dealers in this comp.

Equip Shyvanna with Bloodthirster and Rapid Firecannon and she will be able to easily sustain through any damage while taking out the opposition with ease. Equip Nunu with Hextech Gunblae and any opposing champs he eats will only bring back his health. Due to the added health, this comp will be unstoppable in the late game.

6 Enlightened

Best TFT Comps Morgana
For 6 Enlightened you'll need to get a chosen (Image Credit: Riot Games)

This is a comp that goes great against squishy opponents. Try to roll for an Enlightened-Chosen Fiora in this, as she will be your main carry. Get her to 3-stars and she will be able to do some damage, while also tanking quite a bit from the opposition due to her ultimate. Equip her with Sunfire Cape and Spear of Shojin so she can stay healthy in the front line.

In the mid-game, shift to focus on adding more Enlightened champions to your board, Irelia, Morgana and Talon will complete your Enlightened board. Add in Jax for that Duelist as well as Divine buff and you can easily replace him with Lee Sin in the later stages of the game for that extra security.

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