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The Best TFT Comps (UPDATED)

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Dusk is back baby! (Image Credit: Riot Games)

So, with the changes which hit TFT Patch 10.24 with yesterday’s B-Patch, some comps have fallen off due to the oppressive power of champions and characters like Galio falling off. Keeper shields won’t last nearly as long nor are as strong, while Galio lost some of his fighting punch.

These changes weren’t huge, but they did have a significant impact. Your lobby won’t look like an 8-Zed brawl anymore, due to the decrease of his attack speed and Yone won’t be an unkillable demon anymore. So which comps are the best in the current meta?

Hunter and Adept

Yone 0

Adept and Yone are a great counter to other comps (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Honestly, this comp is still insanely strong. Sure, you won’t have the same unkillable frontline with Yone in the lategame anymore since he is a tiny bit squishier when ulting, but the synergy between the damage output and the slow at the beginning of the match is just too good. Can’t be killed if you’re opponents aren’t alive anymore after 3 seconds, right? That’s what we call galaxy brain.

How to play this comp though? Start off with something like Brawler and Moonlight. This can easily transition into Hunters with Aphelios and Warwick in the mid-game. You’ll also pick up Irelia and Kindred. Getting either a Hunter or Adept Chosen would be the cherry on the cake. In the lategame, once you’ve got Ashe, Shen and Yone, you’ll be unkillable. Equip Ashe with Infinity Edge and Quicksilver to carry your team to victory.


Blood Moon Jhin

Jhin is the main carry for Sharpshooters (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Thanks to the Zed nerf this comp will be in style once more. No more annoying shadow-ninja to sneak into your backline and erase them before they can blink. Even though Keeper was nerfed, the shields are still very strong and the comp can synergize well with Sharpshooter. Jarvan can easily knock up enemies and shortly stun them, while Riven, in the later stages of the game, is easily one of the best frontliners.

The main carry of this composition is going to be Jhin. Build Infinity Edge, Last Whisper and Guardian Angel and watch as he shreds through enemies like their butter. Jinx can be a secondary carry if you’ve mostly got magic items, but after the 10.24 changes, she isn’t ideal anymore.


Spirit Blossom Thresh TFT

Dusk is always lurking on the cusp of OP (Image Credit: Riot Games)

And we’re back to the comp which just never goes out of style. Seriously Dusk is one of the more difficult comps to pull off, but when it works it just feels great. Alongside Vayne and Thresh make sure to get Jhin and Aatrox as well for the added Vanguard and Sharpshooter synergy. This is going to give your team a lot of extra damage and a decent frontline.

You’ll want Riven to carry you to victory. This means you’ll have to hold out until the mid- to lategame. Give her Bramble Vest, Rabadan’s as well as QSS and she won’t be killed while your Jhin and Vayne do work from the backline. The best possible option would be to get a Dusk Chosen, as well as a Spatula so you can build Mantle of Dusk onto Jhin. That way you won’t have to wait for Lillia to get the 6-Dusk buff. Add Infinity Edge and Last Whisper onto Jhin so he can help Riven in her quest for TFT dominance.

Which Comp is your favorite? Let us know on Twitter! For more information on League of Legends like the LoL Patch 10.24 Item update keep reading on EarlyGame.

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