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These comps will get you into the Top 4!

TFT: These are the Comps you Need to Play on Patch 10.23

League of Legends
TFT Patch 10.23 Cassio
Dusk is one of the best traits in TFT Set 4! (Image Credit: Riot Games)

You've had a couple of days now to settle into the new TFT meta, but somehow still aren’t getting the wins needed to make it out of Gold? Well, then it’s time to check which comps are actually OP right now and get to it!

Ashe lost some of her strength, along with Hunters and Dazzler. Is Xin Zhao actually a decent champion now? Don’t worry. We’ve crunched the numbers, played countless hours of TFT over the weekend and came up with these solutions for anyone struggling right now!

Trouble Bubble – Nami and friends!

Nami TFT Patch 10.23
Nami is one of the best 1-cost champions in patch 10.23! (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Nami is one of the best 1-cost champions you can own. Getting her as a Mage Chosen? Even better. She can trap enemies for multiple seconds, while the rest of your team does their thing – dealing damage. For this comp you’ll want to try to get four Enlightened champions, namely Morgana, Irelia and Janna. This way, you’ll produce a lot more mana and Nami can continue to shoot out bubbles. Of course, you’ll also need a frontline. In the early game, we suggest getting any Vanguard to tank damage, since you’ll transition this in the later stages to a Yone and a Shen.

By gaining the Adept bonus, your champions can freely deal damage from the backline, while the enemy champions are all slowed for the first couple of seconds. Originally, people weren’t too keen on the Adept trade, but with time it’s proven to be one of the best and strongest. Especially since each Adept champion in-and-of-itself is really good too. You’ll want to put Luden’s on Nami, so her bubbles deal even more damage and add tank items onto Yone in the late game. That way you’ll make it into the top 4 for sure.

Moonlight Adept - Lissandra will take care of everything

Lissandra Patch 10.23
Get a Chosen Moonlight Lissandra and watch her work her magic! (Image Credit: Riot Games)

We continue our love for Adept with another comp that involves this trait! This time you’ll want to try and get a Lissandra Moonlight Chosen and she is going to become your number one carry. Along with her, pick up Diana and Pyke to gain some critical strike chance thanks to the Assassin trait. You’ll want to build Blue Buff, Jeweled Gauntlet as well as Giant Slayer on Lissandra and she is going to delete the opposition from the map. Pick up, Irelia and Lux for that Divine and Dazzler bonus.

Once you transition to the later stages of the game, make sure you get Shen as well as Yone. Even as 1-Star either of these champions is pretty good – as four and five-cost champions should be. By this point, you will probably also have levelled up your Lissandra and Diana to gain the four-star Moonlight bonus. The rest is simple: watch as your comp destroys the opponent. EZ. GG.

6 Dusk - Riven will never die

Riven TFT Patch 10.23
Riven won't die and will continue to deal damage! (Image Credit: Riot Games)

So it’s time to talk about Dusk once more. For this comp, you’ll want to get a Chosen Dusk of your choice to be able to get 6 Dusk as quickly as possible. The main carry of this composition is… drumroll, please… Riven! She is insanely strong, as well as tanky, which makes her a perfect carry champion. She can dish out damage and for a long time at that because she... Just. Does. Not. Die. Build Bramble Vest, Rabadan’s and Quicksilver on her and watch as she single-handedly shreds through opponents. But how do you get to this point?

You can start the comp off with Sharpshooter and Vanguard, Thresh and Vayne are cheap and you can easily combine them with other 1-cost champions like Nidalee and Garen. In the mid game, add some Keeper champions, like Kennen or Jarvan to get some extra shields as well. Once you hit the late game, replace Nidalee with Jhin for more damage, and Garen with someone like Aatrox or Sejuani. Of course, you’ll also need Cassio and maybe you’re really lucky and the RNG gods love you and you get a spatula to make a Mantle of Dusk, which you can slap on your Jhin. If that doesn’t happen, then you’ll have to wait to get Lillia to complete your 6 Dusk.

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