Who is the strongest in the mid lane?

Best Mid Laners in LoL

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Battle Boss Qiyana

Qiyana has finally ascended from the bottom feeder pool! (Credit: Riot Games)

Not too many changes came to the mid lane since the Everfrost changes from the previous patch are still settling in. Seraphine did get some big changes as well as Karma, but would these affect the mid lane ratings in any way? Let’s see who the best mid laners of Patch 11.5 are!

In this LoL tier list, we'll show you the best champions for each lane. We especially focus on win rate and9 the carry potential because you often have to carry your teammates in any given game. Today, we will look at the mid-lane.

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Who Are the Best Mid Laners in Patch 11.5?

5. Best Mid Laners: Qiyana

True Damage Qiyana

For some epic late game action pick Qiyana! (Credit: Riot Games)

Yes, we put Qiyana on the list, since she might be a big sleeper pick this patch. With the buff to her W, her on-hit damage, as well as movement speed, is going to be much stronger in later stages of the game, which is going to make her an extremely good scaling champion. The Muramana buff also plays into this, since in some situations buying this item will now make sense due to the buff to abilities. So if you want to surprise opponents with a late game carry pick Qiyana in Patch 11.5.

4. Best Mid Laners: Anivia

Papercraft anivia

Anivia has been one of the best mid laners since the beginning of Season 11 (Credit: Riot Games)

Anivia is a very versatile pick since she can choose 3 different mythics, which makes her a very unpredictable and strong champion. Playing against tanks? Liandry’s. A close-range match-up? Everfrost. Luden’s is also a good item to build if you’re opponent’s comp is a long-range one. So with that versatility, Anivia is able to go up against any match-up and win.

3. Best Mid Laners: Talon

Beständiges Schwert Talon

Thanks to the buffs in 11.4 Talon has truly become a top tier champ (Credit: Riot Games)

Do you want to carry your team to victory without breaking a sweat? Then take Talon in Patch 11.5 because he is busted. His buffs from 11.4 already made him a top-tier pick, but add in the Serpent’s Fang buff and he is absolutely nutty. He clears waves quickly and has some great trading potential. The Serpent’s Fang buff only helps him out in that regard.

2. Best Mid Laners: Diana

Battle queen diana

Diana is able to hard carry anyone over the finish line (Credit: Riot Games)

Diana’s synergy with Night Harvester has made her one of the best mid lane champions on the Rift. The more health and flat AP the item gives ever since its buff in Patch 11.1 have truly helped her ascend the ranks to almost god tier. The extra AP gets put into her Q and R making her one of the best burst champions in the game.

Thanks to the immense burst damage she will be able to decide games all on her own. She is able to blow up opponents in a single shot and eliminate any squishy targets in the blink of an eye. So if you want full carry potential don’t miss out on Diana!

1. Best Mid Laners: Kassadin

Hextech kassadin

Due to the Everfrost buff from 11.4 Kassadin has just been tearing up SoloQ(Credit: Riot Games)

There is a reason this champion can also be called Kassa-Win and that because he truly benefits from the 11.4 Everfrost buffs and that hasn’t changed this patch either. He is able to burst down opponents with ease thanks to the item and even has a better time against counters like Irelia, Talon and Zed. With the active of Everfrost Kassadin is able to peel back from any counter-attacks.

The item also gave more HP which will make Kassadin just all the happier to duel and skirmish. The active of Everfrost deals more damage ever since the buff which only benefits Kassadin as well. He is able to dish out pain while staying safe himself thanks to the item. So for anyone who wants to carry on a mage, then Kassadin is your dude this patch.

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